9 Best Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Lift Kit Reviews

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TeraFlex 1155200 JK Lift Kit

TeraFlex 1155200 JK Leveling Kit
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Rough Country ‎2.5" 653.20 Lift Kit

Rough Country ‎2.5″ 653.20 Lift Kit
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MotoFab Lifts ‎07-18JK3F3R Lift Kit

MotoFab Lifts ‎07-18JK3F3R Lift Kit
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Jeep Wranglers have always been a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts who want to take their jeeps into uncharted territory. A lift kit is a great way to get your jeep ready to hit the trail with some added clearance and increased suspension travel.

Our article of best Jeep Wrangler unlimited lift kit reviews will provide you with reviews on some of the most popular Jeep Wrangler unlimited lift kits. These kits are designed to raise your vehicle up to give it that extra height and often more ground clearance.

Many people who go with lift kits also do so for the aesthetic look they offer. The best thing about these kits is that these kits can be installed easily with just a few simple tools. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top-rated Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Lift Kits available today.

Best Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Lift Kit

TeraFlex 1155200 JK

TeraFlex 1155200 JK Lift Kit

If you’re looking for a functional suspension kit that brings your JK into the modern era, buy Teraflex 1155200. It gives your tire more clearance to get rid of the front-end rake and is straightforward enough not to complicate things in an off-road environment where every second counts.

By installing this kit, you can get to a height of 33×12.50 inches with essential hardware and front sway bar-links that suit almost all the JK Wrangler models together with Rubicon and Unlimited. 

You will also reduce sagging in your vehicle’s front end by adding 2″ spacers on top as well as 1″ spacer at the back along with necessary pieces of equipment for installation such as screws, bolts, etc.

This is why it reduces body roll when cornering/turning or driving around sharp turns, especially off-road where there are bumps & uneven surfaces, making suspension travel more difficult but should be helpful here instead.

This kit is a good option to install on your Jeep Wrangler. The front and rear height of the vehicle will be elevated by almost 2 inches, giving you more clearance for bigger tires like a 33-inch maximum diameter.  A sway bar link part comes with this package as well so that it can improve maneuverability when driving through rough terrain or in mud areas.

Improve your JK Wrangler’s stance with the wonderful Teraflex JK/JKU 1.5” Spacer lift kit. This is a good choice for anyone who wants to improve street handling on their Jeep because Teraflex offers a suspension lift kit that is designed to provide your Jeep more stability and improved handling on the road.

This amazing product fits all 2007-2018 JK models and gives them more clearance, taller tires, better ground clearance as well as bigger wheel wells.

Rough Country ‎2.5″ 653.20

Rough Country ‎2.5

Designed to raise the front and rear of a Jeep Wrangler by 2.5 inches, this Rough Country lift kit has N3 series shocks for premium performance with chrome-hardened piston rods and large pistons that provide an efficient experience. In addition, the coil springs ensure ground clearance is maintained throughout your ride.

The Rough Country 2.5″ suspension kit has an easy installation aided by the included instructions and hardware, making it convenient for anyone to install themselves without a mechanic or any prior experience with car maintenance.  This lift kit also comes equipped with a six-cylinder engine that fits on TJ Jeep Wrangler models.

So you can get your vehicle up in height immediately after installing this product. The Rough Country 2.5″ leveling kit is a quick and easy installation that increases ground clearance levels the front with the rear of your Jeep for better handling on rough terrain and comes in 6-cylinder models for TJ’s only.

Use an innovative design to give you more control over difficult obstacles while off-roading. The Rough Country 2.5″ suspension lift kit accommodates 22-inch tires as it offers improved ground clearance with the performance 2.2 shocks, which is required to provide added consent and tower over other 4x4s you park next to when they are around too.

This tool of Rough Country looks great and built tough; its chrome-hardened shock ensures better performance for all those rough days ahead.

MotoFab Lifts ‎07-18JK3F3R

MotoFab Lifts ‎07-18JK3F3R Lift Kit

MotoFab lifts kit CH-25F-2R offers a lift of 2″ in the rear, and the front is 2.5″. This kit is suitable for models from 2007 to 2008, but some bikes may require modifications such as relocation or modification of fender bolts. The front spacers are CNC machined powder coat billet aluminum, making them corrosion resistant and complements factory suspension.

We have MotoFab lifting kits from our lineup, which come with unique features that provide your vehicle with an increased grip on both ends while providing optimal handling capabilities at speed.

MotoFab lift is the easiest way to get your car in the perfect fit for a warranty. This non-invasive kit takes only an hour or two to install and can be done without taking apart any components of either strut or coil. It also has fabricated rear blocks that last longer, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them frequently, as well as extensive U bolts covered by a lifetime warranty.

This comes with installation hardware as well as complete instructions on how to install it in your car. The materials are of high quality, which helps MotoFab stand out from its competitors since they provide a better quality product compared to others.

Furthermore, this lift is made by powder coating that complements factory suspension giving you one final touch when looking at your lifted vehicle. The kit allows for your car to be lifted and leveled so that you have a more comfortable ride.

You can use it to install larger tires, which enhances the ground clearance of the vehicle without compromising comfort. There is no risk of corrosion since this product has been powder-coated as well. This saves time and money on buying new accessories or extra parts when using other kits available on the market – all at an affordable price tag too.

TeraFlex 1251000 JK

TeraFlex 1251000 JK Lift Kit

This TeraFlex JKU 2.5″ lift kit with 9550 VSS shocks was engineered to provide the perfect balance of road handling and off-road capability without compromising on either task. Every piece in this system is designed for performance, allowing you to drive around town or across rough trails without a problem.

The suspension geometry ensures that all stability controls remain functional and within factory parameters while easily improving ground clearance by up to 4 inches. Lift kits are not always easy to install, but these components were made according to industry standards.

So it will be fairly simple even if you’re still new at modifying cars. It’s also very affordable, making your Jeep much more capable than its original form, yet no other owner has one like yours. TeraFlex’s JKU Wrangler Unlimited lift kit is not only great for driving straight, but it can also crawl over anything.

It includes a 2.5″ lifted coil spring set and bumps stop extensions that increase the tire diameter to 35″. A rear track bar bracket keeps your alignment in check, while TeraFlex 9550 VSS shocks provide excellent suspension movement on any off-road terrain or through big puddles of mud.

There are installation instructions with every purchase, along with all necessary hardware, so you won’t have to worry about finding what you need wherever there isn’t auto parts store nearby. Suppose your Jeep has aftermarket wheels with 4.5″ backspacing or less.

In that case, you may need Offset Wheel Adapters (#1055000) for stock wheels to fit the JK model’s 2012-2018 year range. If your front extended shock length is more significant than 24.5″, then it requires Exhaust Spacers (#2610000) or other exhaust modifications to avoid driveshaft clearance issues as well.

Also available with either of these options: Shock Extensions (#1351000) instead of Shock Absorbers (#1352000) and neither if those parts are unavailable. Installation time takes about four hours on average.

Rough Country ‎2.5″ Series II

Rough Country ‎2.5

If you are looking to revamp your Jeep to 33-inch tires so that it runs swiftly, there is nothing better than Rough Country’s 2.5 inch Coil Spring Suspension Lift. This will ensure that your car runs smoothly and efficiently, as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance with the larger wheels.

Installing a lift on the Jeep Cherokee is incredibly easy since it features everything you need in order to install. It requires no tools and helps gain ground clearance by using coil springs that are factory-tuned for front or back terrain. So they’re great for all types of terrains, thanks to their giant shock absorbers.

The Rough Country 2.5″ lift kit is a super simple installation with no skills needed, and it comes factory-equipped for great ease of use. The shock absorbers ensure that the ride will be bumpy terrain friendly while giving you increased ground clearance to make your travels easier on rough surfaces too.

Finally, something wonderful about this product: there’s an included rear brake line bracket which keeps everything perfectly centered, so nothing gets jumbled up or unorganized in its place as time goes by, very convenient indeed.

This lift kit is the best choice for Jeep Wrangler owners because it features in front 2.5″ and rear 2″ ride height to provide a more comfortable road experience and gives an aggressive look without breaking your bank account.

These Jeep Wrangler body kits are both affordable and add more style to your off-road vehicle. In addition, the quality of the material is suitable for this price, making it an easy purchase. Anyone can make their car look aggressive within budget.

4WSCOM TrueTwo BBJK 2.5″

4WSCOM TrueTwo BBJK 2.5

Are you looking for a jeep lift kit that will offer ground clearance? The best option is TrueTwo spacers.

Get the TrueTwo Spacers installed on your Jeep to go off-roading without having to worry about damaging engine components. These are offering ground clearance that the height difference will be noticeable and impressive improvements in other areas.

The ride quality and vehicle handling are not affected by these spacers at all. These are made of high-grade polyurethane material. Four spacers come in a package and work with upgraded suspension systems or the stock model to absorb shock for comfortable riding.

They’re easy to mount on your bike, so you can adjust their height as needed. If you plan on going off-road, it’s the perfect time to upgrade all of your Jeep’s components. As far as meeting highway requirements are concerned, TrueTwo is suitable for that purpose and can handle most challenges in normal road conditions.

TrueTwo spacers are affordable in price, long-lasting offering adequate durability. Lightweight and sturdy TrueTwo spacer are available at a great value for the money you pay.

Daystar KJ09153BK

Daystar KJ09153BK Lift Kit

If you are looking for a new combination of leveling kits and shock absorbers, Daystar now offers combo packs that include both. The Daystar Jeep JK Wrangler 3″ Lift Kit is a kit containing everything you need to give your vehicle the height it deserves.

It includes three inches of lift in the front and rear shocks for an all-inclusive package deal that will leave nothing left out or wanting. These combos consist of the legendary comfort ride lift and leveling kit applications, which require shock absorbers, so order one part number to get your desired lift application as well as brand new scorpion shocks.

This kit is a great way to add 20 inches to 22-inch wheels and increase ground clearance in your vehicle. This lift kit does not compromise ride quality or load-carrying capacity, so you do not have to worry about that. The installation will be quick and easy with the detailed instructions included with this purchase.

This kit is designed for improved ground clearance. The kit comes with new struts that can handle the extra weight of heavy-duty tires and wheels while improving handling on all terrain types.

Daystar’s scorpion shock absorbers are of the twin-tube design that resists shock fade and have been specially designed for each application. In addition, there is a combination package to suit different suspension kits, shocks, and a 1-inch body lift on select applications.

One convenient part number orders it all, ensuring convenience at a minimal cost. All parts manufactured by Daystar in America come with a lifetime warranty upon purchase, making them riskless investments worth pursuing. Get your vehicle lifted while still maintaining factory ride quality.

So it is clear that this kit comes with everything you need to lift your vehicle, including front and rear coil spacers for the suspension system. It also has brackets that will mount a track bar onto the frame of your Jeep JK Wrangler as well as bump stops and shock absorbers, so it’s ready right from installation.

Rugged Ridge ORV 2.5″ – 3.5″

Rugged Ridge ORV 2.5

The Rugged Ridge 18415.50 Suspension Lift Kit is designed to give you a complete lifting solution for your Jeep with help from the rear track bar brace and allows 2-door models up to 3.5 inches of lift while 4 doors JK’s will get, on average, around 2.5 inches taller.

 If you are a Jeep owner looking for an off-road adventure, check out this lift kit. It is possible to lift all of the shocks on your car with self-adjusting valves to ensure that drivers and passengers will experience a smoother ride whether they’re driving or going through rough terrain.

For those who want more than just convenience when it comes to their rides, the company has also included complete installation hardware along with shock absorbers in these kits so owners can be confident from start to finish.

Jeep accessories are the perfect way to customize your vehicle as you get serious about driving. From floor liners and entry guards, snorkel kits, antennae – a variety of off-road Jeep gear is available with top-grade quality.

Rugged Ridge provides parts and accessories for a wide variety of Jeep models, including bumpers, lift kits, wheels, interior add-ons like floor liners.

 This product also offers a 5-year warranty on all of their products with limited lifetime warranties for each floor liner. This means that if an issue occurs, customers will receive replacements or repairs depending upon the product and exclusion clause in place.

‎Daystar ‎KJ09177KV

‎Daystar ‎KJ09177KV Lift Kit

The Daystar 2.0″ Jeep JL Front and Rear Lift Kit is a high-quality construction built for durability, offering your vehicle strength in every aspect of the product’s design while maintaining efficient functionality at its core to provide years of reliable use. This kit is made in the USA.

For those in need of some extra height, there is the Daystar 2.0″ Jeep JL Front and Rear Lift Kit for added comfort while driving on bumpy roads or steep hills. The kit comes with everything you’ll need to install these durable springs on your vehicle, along with a set of front sway bar links, rear adjustable track bars.

That is custom made from a solid steel rod that ends up to 10 times stronger than OE bushings which can lead to better handling characteristics and more control over potholes and bumps. This package also includes coil spring spacers (1-inch), allowing it to fit most vehicles perfectly without any hassle at all when installing them together onto their respective parts.

You will certainly be able to notice an improvement once. The Lift Kit is a package that weighs 15.989 kilograms, perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of off-roading or simply looking to add some extra space into their car’s trunk area while still having enough clearance underneath them.

In case they ever encounter an obstacle on certain roads along with ways, it can be installed onto one vehicle type but not another due to its build design.

This lift kit comes complete with mounts as well. So there will no longer need any drilling required during installation, unlike other brands out there, which might make you think twice about whether or not your safety should become compromised because of the risks involved when using such products if they’re faulty even though cheap price compared to others available.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is clear that there are many benefits to a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Lift Kit. And while some of these reviews may not be favorable for various reasons, they can still provide you with valuable insight into what others have experienced and liked about certain aspects of this product.

Hopefully, our article has given you enough knowledge on which lift kit would best suit your needs as well as help guide you in making an informed decision on whether or not to purchase one at all.

Finally, modify your vehicle with one of these lift kits to provide more ground clearance, or turn it into a go-anywhere machine with bigger tires and suspension lift kits. These modifications are perfect for those who love outdoor adventures of all kinds.

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