Top 12 Best Leveling Kit for Dodge RAM 2500 In-Depth Review

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Daystar Dodge RAM Leveling Kit

Daystar Dodge Ram 1.5″ Leveling Kit
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Rough Country Leveling Kit 2014-2020

Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit
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Supreme Suspensions 2-inch Front Leveling Kit 1994-2013

Supreme Suspensions 2″ Leveling Kit
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If you’re an avid car owner, there’s a good chance that you will have to replace the tires on your vehicle at some point in your life. So, what are some things to consider when buying a new set of tires?

One factor is whether or not it’s time for leveling kit installation. To avoid any tire wear and tear, having this work done before installing new tires can be helpful.

A leveling kit can help maintain your vehicle’s ride height through use by reducing the amount of suspension travel needed for driving over bumps and potholes. It also helps improve handling during turns by maintaining proper alignment angles between the steering and the chassis roll center.

Leveling kits are designed with comfort and safety in mind. The average height of a person is 5’8″, which means if you’re taller than that, then it can be hard to see over a tall truck cab. This is why many drivers opt for installing leveling kits for their trucks.

The best leveling kit for your truck is going to depend on what you need the lift for. If you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective way to level up your Ram 2500, then check out this blog post about the best leveling kits available on the market.

Best Leveling Kit for Ram 2500

Daystar KC09103BK

Daystar Dodge RAM Leveling Kit

The Daystar Leveling Kit is one of our favorites because it provides 1.5 inches of lift and has 400+ positive reviews to back up its quality. If you are looking for something with more than just minimal height adjustment, this might not be your best option but if all you need is that extra bit, then look no further: what could be better than getting a little taller!

When you’re looking for a new truck bed liner, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is because trucks come in many different shapes and sizes – from the Ram 1500 to 2500 and 3500 models (1994 to 2013). But don’t worry. This high-density polyurethane kit will cover your needs no matter what type of Ford/Chevy or Dodge/Ram vehicle you have on hand.

Another thing that is noticeable about this product that makes it so versatile is its affordable price point. It won’t cost an arm and leg like some other products out there. At first glance, this Daystar product seems to be an excellent one. But it is only compatible with the 2WD variants of a pickup truck and not 4WD models.

Unfortunately, many buyers found out too late after they purchased that their model was incompatible. If only there were clearer guidelines about compatibility on the page, then perhaps people would have given this five stars rather than just four or three.

Rough Country 377

Rough Country Leveling Kit 2014-2020

Install the Leveling Kit, and your vehicle’s ride will be matched in style with its power. This improvement is a must-have when off-roading, as it increases ground clearance by about an inch and removes road vibrations from affecting the front end of the car.

As a result, you’ll be able to achieve great height without sacrificing side-to-side stability while also maintaining a factory-like on-road performance that some drivers don’t enjoy when Overlanding or ATV driving.

Get the height you need in mere minutes with the included easy, At-Home Installation level kit. Each Rough Country Kit is supported by RC’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved. Many have classified installation so the average person can do it.

No company can do as much for your rig as Rough Country because they offer 10-Stage Variable Valving to ensure that you level out any tough terrain. And if that isn’t enough, their high-pressure nitrogen charge ensures solid suspension no matter what the weather may be like in whatever country you’re exploring.

With military spec fluid rated to -40° C, their kit will cool down even the most macho truck. Rough Country’s Flexible Thermoplastic Rubber (TPE) seals allow a Teflon coating on either end of the seal body and piston rod for excellent compatibility with various lubricants at all temperatures.

This results in lower friction of your system, which leads to less fuel consumption. The Rough Country 2.5″ Leveling Kit is perfect for your work truck, family sedan, or burly 4×4 if you’re looking to make leveling up a snap! Easy instructions and brackets will get your four-wheeled sweetheart running straight in no time.

Supreme Suspensions AZM 34.1

Supreme Suspensions 2-inch Front Leveling Kit 1994-2013

A leveling kit is a way to go if you want your car’s height adjusted by an inch or two. This inexpensive and quick solution can be completed in less than a day for most cars, with all needed components included.

A lift kit will make it so that your vehicle sits higher off the ground, perfect for those who love driving over rough terrain but are not as accessible on city streets due to steep driveways and speed bumps.

If this sounds like something worth spending money on, then have no fear because we’ve got what could very well become one of your favorite things. The Supreme Suspension Front Leveling Kit includes everything necessary from installation instructions through new parts such as springs, jounce bushings, front coils shocks/struts replacement set.

If you’re looking to level your truck out and get a little more height, then this leveling kit is for you. With five different options ranging from 1.5″ of lift all the way up to 3.5″, there’s no need to have any second thoughts about what size will fit your needs best because they’ve got something that’ll work perfectly.

The company’s name tells us their specialization, so we can be sure these suspension upgrades will do wonders when you install them in your vehicle.

RockTrix 2″ Front Lift Kit

RockTrix 2-inch Front Lift Kit

Don’t have an old truck? You’re in luck. We’ve got a new kit for you that will work great. It’s made specifically to fit four-wheel-drive Ram trucks and has been earning tons of positive reviews lately. Let me tell you more about it to make sure this is the right purchase for your vehicle needs.

First, let’s talk durability; as with any tool or accessory on wheels, things happen out there in the wild world where dirt doesn’t play nice all year long but don’t worry because this product won’t give up easily either.

During testing, these kits were submerged underwater (because who knows what kind of stuff could be lurking under our vehicles), sprayed liberally with gasoline.  It’s no secret that RockTrix products are built to last.

That being said, the company is always on the lookout for ways to make its offerings sturdier and more durable than ever before, which you’ll notice in this Front Lift Kit. The steel used has a rating of 10.9 grade, meaning they’re resistant not only to wear and tear but also to corrosion or rust over time as well!

Additionally, these spacers are fitted with studs at both ends (meaning there won’t be any slippage while driving). The installation process for this particular lift kit is simple and straightforward.

The bolt-on design of the product means that you don’t have to take apart your strut assembly, saving time on installation.  This brand recommends having an alignment done after installing their products, so the driving experience isn’t affected by a lifted truck.

Don’t forget about winter either. When it comes time to put tires on in the morning or get those snow chains out at night, getting underneath to do some work can be tough if you’re not prepared for the situation.

If you’re looking for a lift kit that is free from any problems or issues, this one’s a perfect choice. Buyers did not have any complaints about it except for some confusion over if it was designed to be used on both the front and rear of your truck.

It must be kept in mind, though; this kit includes only lifting features in the front end. So make sure you find out which type of vehicle you drive before buying.

This durable product will make installation relatively easy without having to worry about the potential damage done while driving around town with those high-profile tires installed.

Dynofit ‎FF-030-30 Leveling Kit

Dynofit 3-inch Front Leveling Lift

Aren’t you tired of the cargo space in your car not being able to contain all of your junk? Sometimes you just need a little more wiggle room!

Dynofit has developed an awesome front-wheel platform that is 3″ wide to give you extra storage room for larger items while also providing a sturdy base for mounting bike racks, carriers, and other accessories.

Level your truck with Dynofit 3 inch Front leveling kit for most 4WD Dodges (94-01 Dodge Ram 1500, 03 – 08 Dodge Ram 1500 Mega Cab, 94-13 Ram 2500), and you won’t be sorry. This well-constructed front leveling kit includes solid square bolt holes that are stronger than round style and a black finish that is more textured.

Constructed of heavy-duty steel with welds so strong they’re capable of holding up to 9000 pounds per wheel. This is a very durable product. If you need to improve the stability in any way without doing extensive grinding or rebuilding your suspension system, then check out this easy fix for level ground.

Dynofit 3″ Front Lifts will definitely make your vehicle stand out. Dynofits are custom heights for every Jeep Wrangler on the market. This product installs quickly and easily into your existing axle holes on the vehicle, so setup takes hardly any time at all.

The adjustable arms can be moved around to your preferred width or locked in place if stability is desired. Included is all hardware needed for installation, and they fit right around where you want it.

Just put them on top of your spring like you would change the streamers that come in an overnight package–easy assembly without any special tools needed, no clamps or bolts required.

We’ve all got our own style when it comes to our Jeeps, and we’re always looking for ways to make the most of our equipment. There’s not one set height that is right-for-all, and some mods can lead to rubbing issues that affect aesthetics.

Supreme Suspensions AZM T68.2

Supreme Suspensions 2.5-inch Front Leveling Kit

Introducing Supreme Suspension’s new suspension system for 4WD Ram 2500 and 3500. Imagine a day on the trail when you hit an unseen rock in the middle of nowhere, not knowing that it had loosened up one of your springs.

Now that heavy-duty tow hook just isn’t cutting it anymore if you want to ride with confidence on any terrain. The thought of damaged property aside, this scenario can be life-threatening as well.

The spring lifting kit was designed to offer safety and dependability for extreme driving situations without sacrificing comfort or efficiency during everyday use.

With these easy-to-install suspension spacers and moveable brackets, using bigger tires will no longer cause headaches about the excess lift in lower gears because they’ll safely raise any tire.

Widening your ride requires serious compression to make it happen, but that doesn’t mean going through the hassle of all those complicated installation trials.

Supreme Suspension brings you adjustable, easy-to-install suspension with beefed-up reliability and stability. In addition, the ease of this bolt-on kit will allow you to maximize ground clearance in just several hours without breaking into a sweat.

No need to worry about sacrificing factory quality either because the specially designed rubber cone shocks can be reused with this upgrade – think wheels up as high as 700mm and fenders out plenty wide.

Supreme Suspension’s 2.5″ Front Lift Kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your suspension, making it easy for you to fit larger tires. Stop settling for a dull and dreary vehicle that drags its axles through every pothole. 

With this kit installed, you’ll have more control in steering, thanks to the increased ground clearance. The high-strength carbon steel springs are designed to withstand an entire lifetime of driving adventure while also looking great and protecting your factory shocks from being ruined against the sides of deep ruts.  

With all these features included upfront, we’re sure that this lift will be absolutely perfect for submerging into mud pits and scaling rocky mountain sides. This lightweight suspension will let you handle all the twisty turns, bumps, and jumps in the road. 

Easily installable with the know-how of basic hand tools. Your idea of a rough ride is gone for good. Make your ride feel like floating on a cloud! 

This leveling kit is the ultimate solution to getting your vehicle leveled and ready for that new set of tires you’ve been eyeing. With this sleek, innovative design, installation is quick and easy. Just do it & drive. You’ll be going off in no time.

‎Bilstein ‎B8 5112

Bilstein 46-268655 B8 5112 Suspension Leveling Kit

The Bilstein 2″ Front Suspension is designed to increase handling and stiffness as well as improve overall durability. This suspension comes with all the important parts like a steel braided brake line, stabilizer bar link kit, spring clips, spacer tubes, everything needed for a true bolt-up replacement job.

The Bilstein B8 5112 suspension kit is a high-performance leveling kit that provides more ground clearance, allows for larger tires, and increases wheel travel.

This leveling kit is for front applications and consists of (2) matched coil springs with (2) matched Bilstein B8 5100 shock absorbers that bolt into the factory locations, so installation is easy and hassle-free.

If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle to have an off-road-ready ride without sacrificing on-road handling, then give this simple yet effective suspension system a try.

The Bilstein leveling system provides a smooth and stable ride both on and off-road while increasing rigidity in the process with minimal effort needed for installation.

Tuff Country 32909

Tuff Country 32909 Leveling Kit

Off-roaders know that with a 2″ lift kit for your Jeep, Dodge, or Toyota 4Runner, it is important to install an upgraded set of shock absorbers. Tuff Country shocks are engineered and tested in the United States by professionals who can handle the intense demands of off-road driving.

This product includes front shock absorber packages that provide everything you need to do a quick installation without stressing out over part numbers and sizes. These 2″ kits work on standard coil spring suspensions found on most Land Rovers; they’re also designed for use on Jeeps with taper leaf springs.

Tuff Country has the widest selection of leveling kits on the market and is one of America’s favorite brands for truck leveling kits. At 1/2″ thick, Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension was engineered to maintain a factory or near factory ride quality.

Easily installable with basic hand tools, their round tube construction offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio resulting in a lightweight design and incredible durability.

Rugged Off Road 2-103

Rugged Off Road 2-103 Front Leveling Kit

This tire is ready for a rugged off-road adventure. Its sipes help channel water and mud away, while the wide tread provides better stability in all conditions. This Rugged Off-Road 2-103 is an ideal addition to anyone who wants a more rugged and adventurous SUV.

It’s specifically designed with everyday use in mind, and whether you enjoy winter sports or not, these tires are made for any kind of terrain you may run into. The beefed-up sidewalls guarantee that your ride doesn’t go off the road when passing through puddles on rough dirt roads, making it one of our top choice options for SUVs.

Is your Ram truck riding with a pothole in its side? Is there a threatening crease in the pavement just beneath where you go over bumps? If so, then you need to check out this Rugged Off-Road Leveling Kit.

This spacer kit will solve all of your height problems and give you the much-needed clearance that will stop those pesky wheel scrapes. Keep in mind that this product is designed for use with Ram 2500 4WD and 3500 4WD trucks, so if that’s not what you’re looking for, we don’t recommend it.

Street Dirt Track SDT_AMZ_34.2

Street Dirt Track Fits Dodge Front Leveling Lift

People who enjoy off-roading know that a leveling kit is way more popular than its counterpart. A leveling kit can be used for both on and off-roading, but the purpose of each one differs from one another.

So the tenth spot goes to Street Dirt Track’s new leveler, which they claim will do wonders for your truck or SUV if you are looking to take it out in rough terrain without fear of causing damage.

Imagine the look on your friend’s faces when they see you back in town and realize that you’re driving around with a 3-inch lift kit installed. You’ll be getting more looks at high school reunions thanks to this product, but it may not go over so well if DMV is where you work.

With their wide range of available height options from 1 ½ inch up to three full inches worth of new suspension travel, whether roughing off-road trails or cruising down country roads feels like night.

The company takes pride in its customer service. They provide a lifetime warranty that is transferable, meaning even if you sell the truck, it won’t void your warranty. So they’re living up to the true definition of what “lifetime” means, and we are sure when any business says 100% satisfaction guarantee, no one doubts them.

If you don’t want to worry about your truck malfunctioning in the middle of a bumpy ride, then these spacers are perfect for you. They can withstand any and all environments so that no matter where off-roading or driving conditions take us, we know our vehicle will be safe from harm with this lift kit installed on it.

These spacers also work well if we only need them temporarily since they fit 4WD variants perfectly.The product is a good one, but it does not do anything differently from all the other brands.

However, it will satisfy you in the long run, and having a lifetime warranty that can be claimed certainly makes this purchase worth your while.

Freedom OffRoad ‎FO-D30330F

Freedom OffRoad Front Lift Leveling Kit

You’ve just found your new go-to for all of those long drives. Cutting the time to your destination and cutting off the road noise that may have you combine YouTube videos for some R&B jams when it’s over, this front strut spacer is high quality at a low cost.

So why not give yourself both hand and tire-saving benefits?

Nothing is worse than a wheeling trip ending (or nearly ending!) in some unexpected sand or whoops. It’s even more frustrating when you’re pulled out with the dirty job of using a shovel, your bare hands, tractor tire chains Struggling to get free from those pitfalls.

Let Freedom OffRoad keep your 4WD clean and off-road ready.  These patented 3″ Front strut spacers have been custom designed specifically for our most popular models – all that without sacrificing payload by up to 68 lbs per leaf spring pack.

Protect yourself from being stranded on that next adventure with the Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.

ReadyLift 69-1231

ReadyLift 69 1231 Lift Kit

Readylift’s 3-inch lift kit for the 2014 to 2018 Dodge Rams will make your truck look more aggressive and give you the ability to install larger-sized tires. The company guarantees that their product won’t pressure any of your stock suspension, so there is no need to worry about anything going wrong in future years.

It gives your ride a 3-inch height boost, which will easily clear any large tires you might be looking to install and provide that extra aggression in style. With this kit, you will never have to experience the frustration of degraded drive performance.

Instead, your car can feel like it’s brand new with all the same comfort and smoothness as before installation. Installation is easy enough for anyone with an understanding of basic mechanics-tools required is included in your purchase.

You don’t even need to call a mechanic if you’ve got these tools on hand (or close by). If you’re looking for a way to protect your car from the harsh elements, this is it. The lifetime warranty will be most helpful if anything breaks or needs replacement.

Shock extenders are also provided as an extra precaution against sudden impact and vibration. Some customers have reported that the customer support of this company is nonexistent.

When they reached out to ask for help with a faulty product received or assistance in determining if their purchase was safe, they were not responded to. Readylift is an amazing brand, but their customer support leaves a lot to be desired.

FAQs On Best Leveling Kit for RAM 2500

Are leveling kits bad for Ram 2500?

The leveling kit for a Ram 2500 is not bad, but it will cause the vehicle’s front to be lifted higher than the back. This means that your truck will have more of a tendency to fishtail or skid when you hit even a little bit of water or snow, plus there’s more risk of hitting low-hanging tree branches.

If you want your truck to always handle firmly and safely on any surface, it might be best to avoid installing a leveling kit. If you don’t mind dealing with the risks and consequences that may come with installing one, then go right ahead!

In fact, many people install leveling kits mainly because they make their truck easier to work under – not necessarily because they’re worried.

Does a leveling kit affect ride quality?

A leveling kit is a suspension engineering term for changing ride height by altering the camber angle on all four wheels. A leveled car doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get new tires; often, it simply means raising or lowering your car.

So, in this case, I’m going to say that, yes, a leveling kit can affect ride quality. The truth is that all changes to automobile suspension design and setup specs will affect ride quality (i.e., a simple change in tire pressure).

So what’s really important here is identifying if there are any changes that will significantly impact how your vehicle rides and handling feel; any modifications such as larger wheels/tires or increased wheel travel will likely dictate significant differences.

Will a leveling kit void warranty?

It depends on the vehicle and manufacturer, but usually not. Some manufacturers, such as Honda, will not approve a warranty claim on a vehicle if it has had aftermarket parts installed, such as suspension components taken from another vehicle.

Other manufacturers might void your warranty for other reasons like adding more accessories and taking out standard safety equipment to make a crazy show car that can’t ever be driven in public because it is too dangerous to be street-legal.

Some makers also have different warranties for non-US vehicles than they offer in North America, so check with them before you purchase just to make sure you’re not throwing away all of those warranty dollars down the drain.

Do I need front end alignment after leveling kit?

A leveling kit does not change your suspension geometry. However, a bump in the road with a level vehicle can raise or lower it as much as 5-6 inches, which will affect handling and ride quality.

A four-wheel alignment will help with these concerns as we adjust the toe (or alignment). The front end of a vehicle has more linkages than that of the rear for steering purposes, so changes to load or unloading can have far wider implications on handling than they might do at the back.

When you have work done that affects your unloading height, such as adding a suspension lift to your truck or installing oversized tires, we always recommend getting everything realigned afterward, likewise, if you remove shocks that were custom set.

Will a leveling kit affect towing?

A leveling kit will have no effect on towing. The only way it would “affect” towing is if, for example, the vehicle was lower and heavier by 500 lbs or so at each end. But in that case, it might affect handling more than towing.

It really depends on where the vehicle’s center of gravity is moving around when you make these changes, but considering that most sport-utility vehicles don’t seem to have much cg variation between stock and aftermarket heights (if any).

A leveling kit probably won’t make much difference one way or another in terms of how well your vehicle runs at different ride heights either.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the best leveling kit for Ram 2500 is going to come down to a couple of factors. First, your truck’s make and model will affect the type of parts you can install on it. Make sure you choose a kit with high ratings, reviews, and options, so you get exactly what you need at an affordable price.

As with any other vehicle modification, be sure that what you’re buying is compatible with your car or truck before making an investment in time and money into something that won’t work.

You’ll also want to think about how much weight you plan on carrying around (or if not at all) as well as budget restrictions when choosing which products are right for you.

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