8 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers for The Money

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Commercial lawn mowers are becoming more and more popular. The commercial zero-turn models have a lot of different features that make them great for big properties with lots of obstacles. They’re designed to get over hills, up inclines, through ditches, and under trees.

In this blog post we’ll discuss few best commercial zero turn mowers in the market that we think would make good choices for someone who needs one at a reasonable price point.

To choose one of the best commercial zero-turn lawn mowers, you have to consider quick few key factors.

Cutting Deck Size

For a small yard like 1-2 acres, go with the 42″ deck size. For larger properties, you’ll need to step up your game and get one that is 48+”.

Power Source

Gas powered mowers are ideal for large backyards while electric-powered lawnmowers make more sense to smaller yards. Gas mower engines have powerful, expensive and heavy in weight motors; they’re perfect for larger areas of grass like ones with hills or longer distances that need cutting down.

Electric power is light in weight and affordable making it appropriate not only small but also medium sized gardens too which can be accessed by their lightweight design easily without the risk of pulling a muscle! You’ll want to decide what’s best based on your acreage size as well as terrain type before purchasing one.

Engine Power

zero-turn lawn mower has engine power ranging from 14 hp – 27 hp, so choose an adequate model with sufficient range to provide consistent results based on your lawn size and terrain type. For flat 1 acre of land up to 20 hp is needed; 15% slope can accommodate a 30 horsepower or more compared to just 25 hp required if there are 2 acres in it as well under that same condition.

Speed is Necessary

Don’t expect to go too fast with one of these things, as speeds max out around 6–8mph. Depending on your preference though, a little bit higher speed helps get the job done quicker!

Best Commercial Zero Turn Mowers in the Market

Husqvarna MZ61

Key Features

  • 61-inch cutting deck size
  • 24 HP engine power
  • Up to 8 MPH speed
  • 3 in 1 grass cutting modes
  • Adjustment for seat
  • 9-bushel triple bag collection system
  • Foam padded hand grips with vibration dampeners
  • 3-year warranty
  • Comes with rollover protection

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Detailed Features

Husqvarna MZ61 is one of the oldest chainsaw and lawn mower makers that needs no introduction. Apart from making all kinds of chain saws, you can also find various types of Husqvarna lawnmowers including a zero turn model which takes away any guesswork when it comes to cutting your grass in an efficient manner with minimal effort.

Husqvarna’s MZ61 zero turn lawn mower offers one of the largest cutting deck sizes. This 61-inch wide blade will cut a lot at once, powered by Kawasaki’s 24 HP engine and can cover up to 3 acres on just ¾ gallon per hour in fuel consumption!

You’ll love the way this zero turn lawn mower handles. Its steel cutting deck and three-year warranty ensure you’re well taken care of, while its mulching or bagging capabilities suit just about any need a home gardener could have!

  • Great cut power.
  • Fast cutting possible.
  • High powered motor.
Need to Consider
  • Expensive to buy.
  • Need to be experienced before using.

Husqvarna Z254

Key Features

  • 26HP Engine
  • 6.5MPh Highest Speed
  • 54 inches deck Length
  • 3.5 gallon fuel capacity
  • 549 pounds in Weight

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Detailed Features

Working on a five-acre piece of rough terrain is no easy feat. Mowing the grass with Husqvarna’s Z254 zero turn heavy duty mower will make this task much easier and allow you to get your lawn looking just how it should be: beautiful!

This powerful engine, reinforced steel deck, air induction technology and automatic brake system all work together seamlessly so that you don’t have to worry about anything but getting down in nature for some time alone (or not!). The option of mulching or bagging makes it an even more convenient choice.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Lots of power and speed to cuts the grass faster.
  • Engine is fast and serviceable.
Need to Consider
  • Can create problem in wet mowing.
  • Need to contact seller for warranty.

Husqvarna Z248F

Key Features

  • 48-inch cutting deck size
  • 5 HP engine power
  • Speed of up to 6.5 MPH
  • 3 cutting modes
  • Hydrostatic transmission for reliability
  • Discharge, mulch, or bag the clippings
  • High-performance blades
  • 3-year warranty

Husqvarna Z248F Zero Turn Riding Mower

Detailed Features

One of the great features that makes this lawn mower such a popular choice is its size. With it’s 48-inch cutting blade, you can expect to be able to cut through any yard with ease as well as without having to do too much moving around or back and forth like other models on the market today.

The Husqvarna Z248F zero turn lawn mower offers an optimal balance between size and performance due in part because it comes equipped with a powerful 21 HP Kawasaki engine which means more power for your grass cutting needs while also being easier than ever before thanks to its four wheel design!

With its Kawasaki engine and 5 grass cutting modes (mulching, bagging or discharge) it’s easy to maintain any type of yard whether small or large. When using this machine there will be no need for bending over because it has been designed with comfortability as well as durability built into every component making sure everything works smoothly all day long without costing too much money on gas usage.

  • Very good on fuel.
  • Save time drastically.
  • Long time use possible.
Need to Consider
  • Blade height is limited.
  • Grass deflector is over sized.

Ariens 991151 Apex

Key Features

  • 24HP Engine
  • 8MPh Highest Speed
  • 870 pounds in Weight
  • 60 inches deck Length
  • 5.10 gallon fuel capacity

Ariens 991151 Apex Twin Zero Turn Riding Mower

Detailed Features

This powerful zero-turn mower can cut 10 acres of lawn without skipping a beat. With self adjusting seat belt and ear protection this model cuts between 1.5– 5 inches high which is perfect for hitting those pesky weeds while still maintaining healthy grass that you love so much!

This machine comes with cushioned seats and armrests to make sure your comfort level stays at an acceptable height all day long; it’s no surprise then why one happy customer raved they had never once bogged or given them any issues when cutting their sister’s five acres alone several times before in just as many days time.

  • Fast and smooth cutter.
  • Easy lift up the foot deck.
  • Great Deck height adjustment.
  • Works perfectly on rough terrain.
Need to Consider
  • Too big for a lift-gate.
  • Caster spacing don’t have a oscillating front axle.
  • Seat has no suspension.

Simplicity 5901744 Contender

Key Features

  • 61-inch cutting deck
  • Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Engine
  • Adjustable front and rear coil-over shocks
  • Pivoting front axle
  • Durable Hydro-Gear transaxles
  • Weighs 975 pounds
  • 3-year consumer warranty or 90-days commercial warranty

Simplicity 5901744 Contender Zero Turn Mower

Detailed Features

Unlike other lawn mowers, the Briggs & Stratton V-Twin is geared for commercial use. It features a 25 hp engine that can outperform any harsh conditions with its dust and debris protection to extend your engine life while giving you an even cut of grass every time!

This ground breaking piece of machinery will provide healthy living at home by maintaining your yard in top shape without requiring much effort on behalf of yourself or anyone else who may be helping out around the house.

This steel made mower deck is equipped with 10 blades, each one sharp and able to cut your lawn in a variety of lengths. The cutting system has three different blade positions that are easy to choose from all while providing you the ability to control how tall or short they will be cut at by choosing between 2 inches and 4.5 inches for the desired height.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 5.5 gallons and is started with a key ignition switch located on the mower’s right side, which will be easy to find in your dark garage when it’s time for bed! It also has an accurate gauge that you can see from across the room so you never have to second-guess how much gas is left before going out into public again.

The Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 transmission type used in this mower is specifically designed for commercial use and has the capability to handle loads of up to 9 mph forward or 4 mph on reverse.

The mower is equipped with both front and rear shock absorbers that you can adjust according to your requirements for a comfortable ride. The external oil filter makes it easy to perform maintenance on this model  just an added perk!

  • Heavily built with the bigger pumps.
  • Strong and fast performance.
  • zt-3200 transaxles deliver bi-directional control.
Need to Consider
  • Comparatively Expensive.
  • Mower deck inclueds limited lifetime warranty.

Ariens 915267 IKON XD

Key Features

  • 52-inch cutting deck size
  • 23 HP engine power
  • 4-inch deep advanced airflow
  • Turn-dial knob for cutting height adjustment
  • Adjustable padded armrests
  • Top speed of 7MPH
  • 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches cutting range
  • Solid tubular frame construction
  • 3-year warranty

Ariens 915267 IKON XD 52 inch Zero Turn Mower

Detailed Features

The Ariens brand is a relatively small company with its roots in developing and manufacturing lawn maintenance products. Their specialty includes replacement parts compatible for machines from other brands, which they manufacture as well.

With Ariens’ zero turn lawn mower, you can cut your grass in half the time. The 23 HP Kawasaki engine is able to provide a top speed of 7MPH and with its 52-inch cutting blade it cuts through tall grass like butter!

Not only that but this amazing machine has an advanced airflow feature which makes for smooth operation while providing powerful cutting performance so those pesky weeds don’t stand a chance on your green oasis.

This lawn mower offers 13 different cutting positions to maintain uniform grass height based on preference. You can adjust the blade by quarter-inch increments with a turn dial knob up to 4 ½ inches high and it has reverse direction capabilities for easy maneuverability.

The Ariens IKON XD 52 inch lawn mower is the perfect option for homeowners. The durability of this machine will last a long time, and you can adjust it to your liking with its padded armrests that are adjustable from the operator position so you won’t have any discomfort while operating on rough terrain.

With large wheels that provide stability when being used over rougher surfaces, there’s not much more we could ask for in such an affordable price range!

  • Built in USA.
  • Perfect for home use.
  • Great value for the money.
Need to Consider
  • Sometimes difficult to cut wet grass.

Swisher Z3166CPKA

Key Features

  • 66-inch cutting deck size
  • 999 CC engine
  • 31 HP engine power
  • 1.25 to 5 inches cutting range
  • 2 4-gallon capacity fuel tank
  • Patented Rapid Response Control system
  • Commercial grade, heavy duty steel frame
  • Heavy duty cast iron blade spindles
  • Electric deck height adjustment
  • 3-year warranty

Swisher Z3166CPKA Zero Turn Mower

Detailed Features

Introducing the latest in lawn mower technology: a zero turn, commercial grade machine with 3400 transmissions and up to 10MPH speeds. The Hydro Gear provides unmatched power while removing grass effortlessly at a cutting range of 1.25 to 5 inches.

With 66 inches of wide clearance width you can cut more than one yard at a time without having to return for another pass! Now that’s what I call efficiency!

The heavy duty cast iron blade spindles on this machine allow you to power through thick grasses in no time. The Rapid Response Control system used by Swisher has been adapted for improved comfort and control, all without making the operation of your mower uncomfortable or unwieldy.

For increased personalization with an already comfortable design, the suspension seat can be adjusted as needed during use – not only is it more comfortable than ever before but its height-adjustable too! And when deck maintenance needs to happen?

No worries. Adjusting that electric deck couldn’t get any easier thanks to easy access controls found just right up front where they’re always within reach.

The zero turn lawn mowers will make this chore a lot more efficient, and save you time. It features two 4-gallon fuel tanks so that you don’t have to stop for frequent refueling. The foldable roll over protection system is designed with your safety in mind, as well as the built in seat belt which keeps you securely seated while operating it at full throttle (which top out around 20 miles per hour).

  • High Fuel Capacity.
  • Comfortable adjustable seat.
  • Quite Powerful Engine.
Need to Consider
  • Very expensive in price.
  • Mowing greater than 15 degree slopes is not recommended.

Snapper 560Z

Key Features

  • 52″ fabricated mower deck
  • 25hp Briggs and Stratton engine (commercial series)
  • Weighs 1164 pounds
  • Fuel tank capacity of 5.5 gallons
  • 3 cutting blades with 12 positions
  • High performance transaxles
  • 3-year consumer warranty or 90-days commercial warranty

Snapper 560Z Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Detailed Features

The Briggs & Stratton V-Twin OHV Commercial Series lawnmower has a powerful engine that can handle even the toughest grass. Despite its small size, it still packs 25hp and 2 cylinders to make quick work of any yard!

The advanced debris management system optimizes performance and lengthens your mowing season thanks to an innovative design which catches all clippings on contact instead of letting them hit the ground where they decompose into nutrients for weeds.

The seat of this lawn mower can be adjusted to accommodate any height. You won’t have an issue with being too tall or short, as the operator’s position is adjustable and it gets up to 9 mph! The best part? It even goes back at 4 mph so you don’t need a push from anyone else when finished.

The 10-gauge steel that the 51″ wide fabricated mower deck is made from allows for fast and efficient lawn care, with a lifetime warranty to boot. The 3 cutting blades are adjustable to 12 different positions and the height ranges between 1.5″ and 4.5″.

  • Hydrostatic transaxles deliver a smooth grass cutting.
  • Easy-to-use lawn mower controls.
  • Built to handle tough mowing.
Need to Consider
  • Overloading can create problem.
  • Heavily weighted.

Zero-Turn Mowers Buying Guide

Type of Zero Turn Mower

Have you ever been frustrated by a lawn mower that just can’t get the job done?

“Zero-turn” type of lawnmowers are the solution for this problem. They have three different sizes: Residential, Prosumer and Commercial. This means it will be able to handle everything from small yards with grassy areas to large acreage properties in need or heavy duty machinery like golf courses!

Residential Zero Turn Mowers

This type of mowers are perfect for homeowners who want to keep their yard tidy without any hassle. These lightweight and affordable machines provide a quick solution to the task at hand. They can efficiently complete yards up 2 acres in size, but aren’t designed for inclines exceeding 15° or rough terrain.

Prosumer Zero Turn Mowers

The midsize mower is the perfect choice for those who want to be able to quickly and easily cut their lawns on a daily basis while still spending less than they would with an either residential or commercial mower.

Commercial Zero Turn Lawnmowers

These types of riding lawn mowers are designed for those who have large yards (like  5 acres or more) and lots of space. These models can be used on the rough terrain that is difficult to maneuver in with other kinds, but they may not work well around tight corners.

The engines make these more powerful than others – a better choice when you need something strong enough to get through obstacles like roots or rocks.

Best Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Power Source

Zero-turn mowers are available in two different types: electric and gas powered. The type of power source is determined by the size of your yard, as well as other factors such as price and noise level you’re able to tolerate.

Gas Powered Zero Turn Mowers

The gas powered lawn mowers are large, powerful and made for those with big yards. They can be expensive to maintain but they have a lot of power so it cuts the grass in an instant.

Electric Powered Zero Turn Mowers

An innovation designed to make mowing the lawn just a little bit easier, this affordable and eco-friendly invention allows you to cut your grass without ever worrying about running out of fuel.

Engine Power

A powerful engine is necessary to get the job done both quickly and efficiently. In general, a machine with more horsepower will perform better than one that does not have enough power.

One should consider what type of lawn they are mowing as well as its size in order to determine how much strength their machine needs before purchasing it.

Zero-turn lawnmower engines vary in horsepower from 10 HP to 25 HP and provide a lot of power for various tasks such as cutting grass or maneuvering through tight spaces.

  • The engine size range of 10-20 HP is perfect for most residential mowers used to maintain small lawns with a flat terrain, which are usually less than 1 acre in area. But it’s not the best choice for large or multi-acre properties.
  • Residential mowers should be at least 20-25HP. However, these smaller engines can handle a wide range of tasks and have the ability to tackle hillsides up to 15° in incline without sacrificing power or efficiency for tough terrain like rough ground or long grass.
  • For residential use there are two options: low powered (20-25 HP) engine size that is best suited for weekly usage on midsize yards; high powered (30+ hp) models best suited as daily drivers with larger property sizes over 2 acres.
  • Whether you run a lawn care service, golf course or manage an expansive property of your own, Engine with 25HP or Higher is perfect for the job. You’ll be able to tackle any terrain with ease and get it done quickly without becoming frustrated at how long even small jobs are taking!

What is the best commercial zero turn lawn mower on the arket

Cutting Deck Width

If you want to cut your mowing time in half, then a wider deck is the way to go. Larger decks only take about 55% of as long as smaller ones do for more level yards and less uneven grass. That’s the reason behind using larger decks in commercial series.

Cutting decks are steel surfaces with blades that can range from 42″ up 61″. They come made out of fabricated steel or pressed steel depending on what works best for your yard and how much it will cost you!

Now you can pick a lawn mower deck size based on the size of your property. If it’s less than 3 acres, go for 42-inch decks; 4-5 acre yard should have at least 52 inch decks and larger yards need 61 inches to make cutting easier.

Now that we know how much land you have in your backyard, picking out the right kind of lawnmower is super easy!

Deck Types

There are two types of deck.

Stamped Deck

These types of decks are fabricated from a single piece of steel and as such, the quality is thin! These lightweight decks can be found on entry-level zero turn mowers which make them perfect for light yard work. This means they’re cost effective than welded options.

Welded Deck

Thick steel is used for welded decks, which makes them durable and sturdier than stamped deck models. This type of metal will last long in commercial zero-turn mowers or heavy duty units because it has reinforced edges that extend the life of these expensive parts.

Engine Capacity

The engine capacity of the mowers are measured in cubic centimeters (CC). So, a larger engine enables this type of equipment to have better performance when cutting grass. Gas powered zero turn mower provides better cutting performance if it has a higher engine power.

For example, You may find a mower with engine capacity like 660 CC or 720 CC when you go shopping. The one offering 720cc is best because it offers quick mowing performance and faster driving speeds while still providing high-quality workmanship.

However, this type will result in lower gas mileage than smaller models which means more money spent on fuel. So you’ll want to consider your budget before making any decisions.

Best commercial zero turn mower for hills

Deck Height Adjustment

Mowing your lawn is a tedious task. It’s hard to get the right angles and height for even grass, but with deck height adjustment you’ll be able to adjust it as needed so that all areas are level.

The range on these features can go anywhere from 1.5 inches up 4 inches, perfect for any variety of terrain or steep inclines in your yard.

For  an effortless adjustment with no disruptions or breaks in your work flow, consider choosing one of these foot assistant models where raising and lowering the cutting deck can be accomplished via pressing on a pedal (to lower) or by pulling up from underneath it (to raise).

This saves both you and anyone else who may need to use this machine some trouble when trying to find just the right spot. However if there are obstructions near your desired location such as trees branches etc., opt instead for manual adjustments which will allow you more flexibility than most other types out there today.

Transmission Types

The transmission of a mower enables the power from its engine to be transformed and transferred through gears, belts, pulleys or chains.

If you want your lawnmower to run at high speeds for long periods of time without overheating, then this type of transmission system is necessary. Because it will help regulate how much torque comes in contact with many parts when they are moving quickly.

Hydrostatic transmissions are the perfect solution to power your zero-turn mower. They use hydraulic fluids to switch gears and send energy through drive shafts for a smooth, powerful ride on any terrain you want.

Single Hydrostatic Transmission

Single Hydrostatic transmissions allow for easy maneuvering and high-quality performance, which is why they are often seen in both the mid-range market as well as residential models. These types of trannies come with a lever or foot pedal to adjust direction and speed at will!

They can also be removed entirely from their chassis during repair work without any troubles – this makes them ideal options for those who want an easier time maintaining things themselves.

Since these units have one transmission fluid sealed inside that ensures it won’t leak, you’ll find yourself using your single hydrostatic unit more because there’s no need to worry about oil spillage when operating under pressure.

Dual Hydrostatic Transmission

Dual Hydrostatic Transmission is a new innovation in mower technology which boasts that it has dual transmission units placed side-by-side inside the engine, meaning you can control speed by pulling or pushing levers.

This eliminates one of the most annoying features on traditional push lawnmowers, when they get stuck and require two people to move them.

There are also other types of transmission systems available in the zero turn mowers.

  • Manual Gear Transmission
  • Friction Disc Transmission
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Electric Transmission
  • Hybrid Transmission

Mowing Speed

Mowing the lawn can be a tedious job. When mowing a flat surface, you will save time and energy as there are less obstacles to maneuver around. Grass that is dry may take less than five minutes on average but grass from rain or watering might require more work for 10-20 minutes per area depending on its height.

  • Residential/Small Yards required mowing speed: 5-6 mph
  • Medium Yards required mowing speed: 6-7 mph
  • Bigger Lawn and Commercial Areas required mowing speed: 8-9 mph
  • Fully Commercial Areas required mowing speed: 13-15 mph

Professional grade zero turn mower reviews

Mower Size

The cutting deck size of a mower directly affects its physical size. For instance, if the blades are large at 48 inches or more in some cases then they will be quite bulky and take up room on your lawn because their wheels need to stay close together for stability.

The trick to a flawless lawn is picking the right tools. Whether you’re searching for an easy-to-maneuver zero turn mower, or choosing one with four ply rated tires that can go fast and maneuver easily.  It’s key to make sure they’ll match your needs before making any purchase decisions.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Not having to refuel your fuel tank every hour is a huge benefit for working longer shifts. You can get more done without the hassle of stopping and waiting in line, so efficiency goes up!

Large tanks mean less downtime when we need it most. This creates an environment where you aren’t constantly focusing on filling up instead of getting work done.

  • Smaller Areas(2 acres) required fuel capacity: 2 gallon
  • 4 acres or less lawn required fuel capacity: 3 gallon
  • 5 acres or above lawn required fuel capacity: 4 gallon

Engine Types

Single Cylinder Engine

Single cylinder engines, while less fuel-efficient and affordable than their two-cycle counterparts are great for smaller lawns that need mowing weekly. They’re also much louder when you operate them since they produce a lot of vibration (less torque).

Twin Cylinder Engine

The Twin Cylinder Engine is perfect for those with large properties and are not so concerned about the price. The engine runs more quietly than a single cylinder, making it less jarring to your ears when you’re out in the yard mowing. It saves money on fuel consumption as well.

What is the best engine for zero turn mower

Battery Runtime

The battery in an electric zero-turn mower is a critical consideration to make when purchasing one of these. There are many factors that will impact how long the batteries last including terrain, age and driving habits as well as weight constraints for tire treads which affect land grip strength.

  • 2 acres or less lawn required battery: 75 Ah
  • Maximum 3 acres lawn required battery: 100 Ah
  • Multiple lawns or larger yard required battery: Multiple

Crankshaft Alignment

Aligning the crankshaft of your zero-turn mower is important to maintain its performance and usability. There are two types, horizontal or vertical alignments. A horizontal alignment can provide several perks including better lubrication, uniform cooling and airflow to the engine. All these benefits will increase durability and efficiency for a longer lasting machine.

Mower Weight

Machines that do landscaping work are often on the heavy side, but a mower is not intended to be too heavy and difficult to transport without help. You should also consider how much weight you can lift with your equipment before selecting a machine for purchase or rental as it may become an issue if they’re especially cumbersome.

Build Durability

Selecting the perfect machine include analyzing build quality and stability on slopes. Zero-turn lawnmowers are great for maneuverability, but many models do not handle slopes well because of their low ground clearance.

One must consider both ergonomic adjustable lever controls and large wider rear wheels when assessing the stability or balance of zero turn lawnmowers before purchase.

Both aspects should be able to handle rough terrain much better than traditional push or ride on models. And since the controls are hand operated instead of foot pedals, you won’t need as many muscles either!

Comfortable Seat

It’s important to find a mower that matches your body type, especially if you’re going to be sitting on it for hours. A high-backed seat cushion and cushioned armrests will reduce user fatigue while providing the flexibility in height adjustments or sliding back of the seat position.

So no matter what size you are, this machine is comfortable enough for all sizes.

High Back Suspension Seat Zero Turn Mower

Levers Padding

To avoid struggling with your lawn mower, you need to make sure it has ergonomic and comfortable handles. One way of doing so is by purchasing a machine that comes with soft padding on its levers.

So even if the weather’s hot out or you’re sweaty from putting in an hour-long workout before grabbing a drink at the end of work day, these pads will allow for easy operation without any difficulties getting up off your seat every time you want adjust something like cutting height.

Perfect Tires

A mower with air-filled tires will not only move the zero turn but also grip the land you’re turning on. The type of ground and weather conditions in your area should be considered when choosing a specific kind of zero-turn mower, depending on what terrain or grass needs to be cut through. There are different types of treads for deep traction that allow one to turn without any problems at all – even if it’s wet out.

To run smoothly, we recommend selecting wider wheels with more than four ply rating that will distribute its weight evenly over a larger area – which also means better penetration into uneven surfaces like damp lawns after rains.

Display Facility

Some  zero turn lawn mowers offer digital displays to show the operating speed, height setting of the cutting deck etc. These screens also allow you to know about changing mower parameters without having to dismount and check those settings manually.

Safety Features

Zero-turn mowers are dangerous to operate unless you have the skills, so manufacturers include features that prevent accidents and keep users safe.

Zero turn lawnmower safety is at a forefront with built in automatic shutdowns, parking brakes, chokes on these powerful machines which make it more difficult for operators without operating experience to be able to use them effectively.

While this sounds like an issue of liability versus user education one can’t deny they’re safer than traditional push models due largely because there’s no need for blades or engine power – just steer!

The automatic shutdown feature is an interesting one.  The lawn mower senses when there is no one in the seat and automatically shuts off. It also stops if you fall or get up to remove something that’s blocking its way.

What should I look for in a zero turn mower


A warranty is an indication of how durable and trustworthy a product may be. For example, some manufacturers offer up to 3-year warranties on their products while others even add extra years for purchasers with the right price tag.

Use & Operate a Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a new lawn mower, we hope this article has helped with your decision. We wanted to provide an unbiased view of these models and make sure that our readers understood how they differ from one another before buying either one.

Which model will work best for your yard? More importantly, who is going to be using it most often? These are all questions worth considering if you want a reliable product that lasts and provides quality service year after year. One last consideration might be the warranty on each machine.

If it’s not found in the product page, contact the seller directly for warranty information for that product.

Have fun shopping around!

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