Top 5 Best Monocular Reviews for Bird Watching, Hiking and Hunting

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Monoculars is an essential piece of equipment for different types of tactical sports and operations as well as recreational activities like hunting. Buying the best monoculars definitely can make your life a whole lot easier.

You can be able to survey things from afar with high accuracy, with the added benefit of not having to carry heavy equipment around your neck. Also, it can be a viable solution for people who unfortunately don’t have functioning double vision.

A Monocular is basically a compact and low-powered telescope which shares the characteristics of a binocular but operates like a telescope. And what differentiates it from a binocular is the size and its compactness.

Because some of them can be as small as the size of the thumb. Anyone can very easily store it in a pocket or purse and can effortlessly go where a binocular or even a spotting scope can’t go.

Best Monoculars Reviews

Wingspan 12×50 – Best Bird Watching Monocular

Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered 12×50 Monocular is one of the best selling monoculars with 76% 5-star reviews out of 2200 reviews average. According to the manufacturer, it is the most powerful and portable monocular available in the market.

And thanks to the 12×50 magnification which allows you to zoom 12 times closer along with a 50mm range of view. This feature ensures of a greater clarity so that you can enjoy the pleasant and bright vision. Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered 12x50 Monocular

It features a sturdy external armor which provides excellent protection while the non-slip secure grip ensures the monocular doesn’t slip out of your hands. Its sturdy design helps to stop moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside while also avoiding internal fogging.

And with features like water and fog proofing, it is viable for use in all environments and weather. It can also be used to focus quickly and accurately with just one hand owing to its ergonomic design.


  • Works well in low-light scenarios.
  • Great clarity thanks to the smooth focusing.


  • Few complaints concerning the night vision.
  • Low-quality tripod included.

Authentic Roxant – Best for Multitasking

The Authentic Roxant Grip Scope High Definition Wide View Monocular with an accurate 6×30 viewing is definitely one of the popular and budget-friendly wide-view monocular out there. It is made out of a premium fully Multi-Coated Optical Glass with the BAK4 Prism. Authentic Roxant Grip Scope High Definition Wide View Monocular

All Glass Lens ensures a clear and crisp view with optimum brightness thanks to the high-quality light transmission. The high-end glass optic is housed inside a high-quality compact and durable body which perfectly combines protection and convenience.

Also, the molded grip on the body blends seamlessly with the overall design while providing excellent functionality. The solid construction of the device ensures that it is the perfect accessory for adventure seekers. It is also ideal for outdoor activities like Concerts, Hunting, Hiking, Camping, Bird Watching, etc. It also includes a unique feature which is the retractable and extendable eye cup which can be used with or without your eyeglasses on.


  • Great value for money.
  • Best in class molded grip scope.


  • Lens protection is not available.
  • No waterproofing is a let-down.

Firefield 5×50 Nightfall – Best Night Vision Monocular

If you are a night hunter, then the Firefield 5×50 Nightfall 2 Nightvision Monocular is something you wouldn’t like to leave behind for your night trips. This product is designed and made to be used specifically in the night. Firefield 5x50 Nightfall Nightvision Monocular

It includes added functional features like the battery saving pulse IR illuminator along with a large lens, ensuring you get a clear view even in the darkest of the nights. It features an ergonomic design along with a housing made from rubber allowing you to have a secure grip all the time.

The rugged weather-resistant rubberized layer adds a level of convenience by allowing it to be used without difficulty in the rain as well. It is easily one of the superior night vision monoculars out there that provides you with a high resolution and image quality without failure.


  • Uses Standard AA batteries.
  • Ergonomic design ensures greater compactness.


  • Focus requires constant adjustment.
  • Batteries not included.

Wingspan 8×42 Compact – Best Hiking Monocular

Another offering from Wingspan Optics the Outdoorsman 8×42 Compact Wide View Monocular is equally capable like the aforementioned ‘Explorer’. And if you happen to be a bird watcher, then this wide view monocular is a must-have in your arsenal. Wingspan Optics Outdoorsman 8x42 Compact Monocular

It produces crisp and clear imagery even at an extended range of view up to 1,000 yards away making it feel like a face-to-face distance. It is extremely portable and lightweight which means you can don’t have to fret much about carrying it around for that rare sighting.

Also, the lightweight exterior is drop proof, slip-proof, waterproof, fog proof and debris proof making it a ‘Go-Anywhere’ monocular. It features the DiamondBright Structural Optics which is a revolutionary technology in the field of optics ensuring you get high-quality clarity and brightness. Finally, it also provides maximum eye comfort with the help of the adjustable eye cups which makes viewing with or without glasses equally optimal.


  • Smooth one-handed focus operation.
  • All-weather and environmentally friendly housing.


  • Slightly bulky for one-handed usage.
  • Lens requires care against scratches.

Vortex 10×25 – Best Hunting Monocular

The Vortex Optics Solo Monoculars completes our list of the best monoculars available in the market. It is a 10×25 waterproof monocular which provides ten times magnification along with a 25mm range of view. Vortex 10x25 Optics Solo Monocular

The monocular features a compact and lightweight optics with lenses. These lenses are fully multi-coated ensuring increased light transmission; hence, you get clear and crisp images. It is also extremely durable and sturdy owing to the fully rubberized armored housing along with a non-slip grip.

Its nitrogen-purge and O-ring sealed feature make the monocular waterproof and fog proof. It is the perfect accessory that can thrive in a variety of environments. It also features an adjustable eyecup making sure you get a comfortable viewing every time with or without your glasses.


  • O-ring seals out dust and debris.
  • A well-known brand for the outdoorsmen.


  • Lens protection not included.
  • Low-quality case included.

Final Thoughts

As a consumer in present’s world, we are certainly spoiled for choices when it comes to the sheer variety of products. And the monocular is no exception with each brand touting more excellent quality and uncountable features.

It is a great thing that we can choose from so many choices, but when it comes to selecting one from the multitudes of options, only then we do realize what a painstaking work it can turn out to be. Trust us; it can be sometimes as hard as ‘finding a needle in a haystack’.

But fret not, if you’re looking to buy one of the best monoculars from the market you are in good hands. This article aims to narrow things down for you so that the search for the right product becomes a lot easier. Even if you’re a first-timer, our comprehensive review would’ve helped you gain valuable insight and perspective.

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