10 Best Right Angle Drill For Electricians – Have A Fantastic One

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Dewalt DCD740B Right Angle Drill

Dewalt DCD740B 20V MAX
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Milwaukee 2615-20 Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee 2615-20 Cordless M18
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BOSCH PS11-102 Right Angle Drill

BOSCH PS11-102 12-Volt Lithium-Ion
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Drills are an integral part of the construction industry. It is not just electricians that need drills to do their job well, but carpenters, plumbers, and many others in the building trade. The best right angle drill for electricians is a must-have tool in your arsenal of electrical tools.

But what is the best right angle drill for electricians?  Maybe you are an electrician and want to know what the best type of drill is. You want something that has enough power, but not too much weight so it can be held with one hand. The answer depends on what your needs are as a professional in this field. 

If you need a cordless or corded version, then there are many different models available that will fit your specific needs. For example, if you have more time on your hands, then go with a corded drill because it takes up less space and lasts longer without being charged.

However, if portability is important to you then go with the cordless model which also helps decrease downtime. Also, there are many features to consider when looking for a drill, including power rating, clutch settings, and torque rating. This blog will look at these features in more detail so you can find your perfect drill.

Best Right Angle Drill Reviews

Dewalt DCD740B

Dewalt DCD740B Right Angle Drill

This cordless 20V Dewalt DCD740B is one of the best, most compact right angle drills you can get today. The front-to-back length of this drill is only 4 inches long, which allows it to fit into spaces that are hard or almost impossible for larger drills like inside cabinets.

This rotary tool features a dual speed range of 0 to 650 rpm and 0 to 2000 rpm making it very flexible. It can be used in both small-scale projects, such as assembling furniture or hanging pictures, while also being able to handle larger jobs like drilling into masonry walls or breaking up large rocks.

This cordless drill comes with a 3/8-inch chuck and deep hex pocket. This allows you to use 2-inch bits in hard-to-reach spaces or areas without having to fully insert them into the tool first, saving time by reducing how often it needs to be removed from its location.

Dewalt has demonstrated their capabilities with the 20V Max Lithium-Ion Drill that is compact, tough, and easy to use since it weighs only 2.8 pounds without battery or having any attachments attached. The drill will not let you down in terms of performance as well because Dewalt uses powerful motors.

Thus Dewalt makes a really good drill, and if you want one that is tough enough to handle small projects around the house. This DCD740B drill will not let you down with its compact size and easy usability.

Dewalt Dcd740C1

Dewalt Dcd740C1 Right Angle Drill

Electricians working all day know that their tools can make or break them. If they’re not efficient, then you’ll find yourself behind schedule and overwhelmed at the end of the day. That’s why this Dewalt DCD740C1 right angle drill is perfect for electricians who want to be able to work efficiently through long days without any hiccups in between.

The multi-grip trigger is built for comfort and provides many ways to grip the drill. The compact front to back length of only 4 inches helps you reach those tight spaces in small areas like inside cabinets or behind walls.

Electricians spend the majority of their day working with hand tools, which is why it’s important that they have chucks on drills and drivers where bits are easy to insert.

This Dewalt right angle drill has a ratcheting chuck made for 2″ hex bits as well as an added deep pocket allowing these large bits to be inserted easily into place without losing stability or slipping off.

Dewalt’s right-angle drill has reliability and flexibility. It comes with a powerful motor that can be controlled from 650 to 2000 RPM so it matches the task at hand. Other drills have low power motors because they are trying to cut manufacturing costs, but Dewalt delivers high quality for less cost than most other brands of this tool.

So Dewalt is a high-quality electric drill that features dual speeds for user convenience. It has an ergonomic design with compact front to back length, multi-grip trigger providing comfort and ease of use, 3/8 inch ratcheting chuck allowing 2 inches position locking bit holder which makes it easy for getting into tight spaces.

Milwaukee 2615-20

Milwaukee 2615-20 Right Angle Drill

The Milwaukee 2615-20 is a lightweight electric angle drill that can be used for extended periods without straining the user. It comes with a 5 years warranty and LED lighting, which makes it easier to see in dim or dark spaces when working on small screws.

Furthermore, this six-volt cordless tool has a powerful speed compared to other models available in its class making it one of the best options out there. This drill stands out on the market because of its innovative electronic clutch powered by REDLITHIUM™ Battery Technology.

This technology delivers up to 125 inches/pound of torque using an 11-speed setting, giving you complete control in fastening applications. Also, this drill has a hassle-free LED work light that lets you see your target area clearly even when working under low lighting conditions.

The REDLITHIUM™ Battery Technology significantly increases its battery lifespan and saves you on costs. On chucks, it comes with a ⅜ -inch chuck that’s easy to operate and lets you get through your tasks much faster.

In terms of convenience, it provides you with the lighting you need in dark or poorly lit spaces using an inbuilt LED light that illuminates the working area. It uses the exclusive REDLINK™ Intelligence to protect your drill by optimizing performance and protecting against overloads utilizing cohesive communication mechanisms between drill, battery pack, charger, etc.

BOSCH PS11-102

BOSCH PS11-102 Right Angle Drill

The Bosch PS11-102 Right Angle Drill is powerful, easy to use, and can easily handle tight spaces. It has a 12V motor that produces 1300 RPM maximum speed with 115 inches/pounds of torque so you have full control over what you are drilling in whatever position the job requires.

Use this drill’s 5 positions pivot head for complete maneuverability when working in small or confined areas where space is limited. Simply switch between 90° & 180° pivoting modes by rotating the housing underneath your hand at any time without stopping work entirely.

The unique feature of this power tool, however, lies inside its design. You can straighten out your drill head to get into those difficult corners. It also utilizes an ⅜ – inch auto keyless chuck for easy bit changes without any hassle as well as a motor brake when releasing trigger so there’s no further screwing or driving of screws.

So this product offers versatility as it can be used at 45, 90, or 180 degrees, and its powerful cordless design makes this drill easy to carry around the workspace while providing enough torque to get even heavy-duty drilling done without straining yourself.

The battery is removable making sure that you always keep one charged in case of emergencies and when not using either of them they’re easily stored away. Thanks to the lightweight design which also comes with an LED light so you don’t strain your eyes trying instead allowing you to focus on getting things done right.

Makita DA3010F

Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill

The Makita DA3010F features a powerful 4.0 Am motor that delivers 2,400 rpm for quick drilling in tough spots or large diameter holes up to 13/16″. The ball bearing construction ensures the tool’s durability while its slim ergonomic design allows you to get into tight spaces with ease.

The compact design and lightweight structure of the Makita Variable Speed Reversing Drill make it perfect for use in tight spaces. You can vary its speed from 0 to 2400 rpm, making this drill very versatile.

Brighten your workpiece, the LED bulb never needs replacement. The built-in light remains functional throughout the tool’s life so it won’t get in your way when you’re working with cumbersome pieces of metal or wood.

If you are looking for the best right angle drill, then Makita DA3010F is the one that will be perfect. It has many good features and it’s designed to work inside cabinets or on framing studs where space isn’t very much available.

Overall, if you want to look for an efficient cordless power tool, then choosing this product can be great because of its user-friendly design and easy maintenance feature.

Makita XAD03PT

Makita XAD03PT Right Angle Drill

This Makita XAD03PT cordless drill is an absolute beast on a job site that will make most electricians fall in love with it when they need both strength and precision during their project as well as versatility within different types of jobs from small hole making.

It has variable speeds of 350 and 1400 RPM, powered by 2 LXT Lithium-ion batteries to provide durability for multiple projects. The brushless motors make this tool ideal for drilling holes 1 – ¼ inches or 6 – ¼ inch diameter into wood or steel beams/trusses because it allows you to switch between high torque and speed without having access to an external power supply.

The rechargeable batteries can provide you with enough power to drill 160 2-9/1 inch holes through wood materials such as pine boards. This is done by utilizing the help of a self-feeder bit.

You don’t need any additional equipment like Wrenches or Chucks because it comes included in the package. The variable speed trigger allows for improved performance and control, while also offering an automatic setting if needed.

Don’t forget about your 3-year warranty either. This ensures no downtime during repairs should accidents happen (like dropping it on concrete).

Makita AD03R1

Makita AD03R1 Right Angle Drill

A quality right angle drill is distinguishable from a cheaply made one in several ways. One way to tell the difference between them easily and quickly, without having to use it first hand or look at any specifications on either tool, is through weight and size.

Lesser drills are often bulky because they’re made with cheaper materials that decrease their overall manufacturing cost but make these tools heavy and hard for users to fit into tight spaces.

The Makita AD04R1 right angle drill is perfect for electricians who prioritize comfort and work in tight spaces. This compact, 12 ⅜” long tool weighs 2.7 lbs which allows the user to maneuver it efficiently throughout a day of work without discomfort or fatigue even with positioning in small places like inside wall cavities or behind electrical panels where space may be limited.

The rubberized soft grip provides additional support while also helping prevent damage from drops when handling this drill on rough terrain such as stairwells during installation projects that require constant movement up and down stairs between floors all day long.

This right angle drill is perfect for electricians because it includes a keyless chuck which makes changing bits extremely easy. This feature allows users to work at their own pace and speed up the process of installing or removing screws.

The paddle switch also offers an excellent level of customization, giving users more control over how they operate this tool. This drill from Makita has some powerful features that set it apart as something special. The variable speed (0-1100 RPM) allows electricians to use this tool in a wide range of drilling and driving applications.

Moreover, the motor delivers 245 inch pounds of torque which is more than enough power for anything on an electrical job site! Overall I’m confident saying if you’re looking at drills like these, your search ends here with what will be one of the most versatile tools out there among its peers.

The Battery Protection Circuit on the Makita cordless right angle drill ensures that users get a smooth performance without any annoying interruptions.

This is because it protects against overloading, overheating and even discharging too much energy from the battery which would otherwise cause frustration to electricians who need power all day long while working in tight spaces where there’s not enough room for bulky generators or extension cords.

As the perfect tool for electricians, this drill has an integrated LED battery charge level indicator so you know when it’s time to recharge. It also features a lithium-ion battery which is known for its long runtime and durable material quality. Between all these important specifications, this product definitely deserves a spot in any professional’s arsenal of tools.

Milwaukee M18

Milwaukee M18 Right Angle Drill

In the past, chucks were known to slow down work-speed by being difficult to operate. However, this Milwaukee M18 right angle drill had All Metal Keyed Chucks which made changing bits very easy and guaranteed bit retention during testing so life was a lot easier.

Many of the right-angle drills have power capabilities which are flawed due to low quality components used in production. As a result, they break down pretty quickly and don’t last longer than one year.

This right angle drill is beneficial in a number of ways. First, it comes with a Powerstate brushless motor which allows for strong drilling power without consuming much battery juice even when under heavy load. In addition to that, once you get your hands on one tool using this type of motor then there’s no going back.

Milwaukee’s right angle drill is known for its durability due to the brushless motor and low-quality batteries. This tool has an innovative technology that reduces battery consumption while also boasting more drilling power than other models out there, which makes it a game changer of sorts when it comes down to this type of product on the market today.

The only downside about having this kind of quality in your right angle drill would be if you are not prepared for what might happen next. Since these types can die quickly without warning which could become quite problematic during work hours or at home when electricians need them powered up before working with different tools through their job or projects around the house.

The M18™ REDLITHIUM battery pack’s superior construction and components, it provides more drilling power per charge than competitors. In fact, these packs have 35% “more” power and run 60% cooler than standard 18V lithium-ion batteries.

Moreover, thanks to its advanced intelligence system known as RED-LINK PLUS Intelligence (REDLI), this tool has optimal performance at all times. Therefore protecting your equipment from damage during heavy applications such as those seen in professional environments like woodworking shops or metal workspaces.


BOSCH PS11BN Right Angle Drill

This Bosch PS11BN right angle drill is a must have for your tool box. Rather than using bulky materials to save on manufacturing costs, it’s compact and lightweight while still being ergonomically designed. It makes drilling in hard-to-reach places effortless.

The drill has a lightweight and easy-to-grip handle, an auto lock chuck that makes swapping out bits quick and simple. Many other manufacturers put convenience features on the backburner in favor of performance but not Bosch who prioritize both for this model.

The new 2 lbs 12 oz cordless hammer drill from Bosch is designed to be comfortable when operated with one hand because it weighs less than 3 pounds. So users will have no problem holding onto it while drilling through surfaces like metal or wood which are common uses for these tools during home improvement projects.

The tool also comes equipped with their patented Auto Lock system allowing you to change drills fast by just clicking into place instead of using extra force twisting them off if they’re too tight.

This drill puts convenience at the top of its list with two LED lights that increase visibility in dark spots. The five-position pivoting head articulates between 90 and 180 degrees providing better balance and control when working in tight areas.

Finally, the variable speed trigger helps regulate power output to ensure electricians are using just enough for each application. This powerful tool packs a punch with an ultra high-powered 300 RPM motor and 101 in lbs of torque, giving you more than enough power and speed to complete your work day after day.

The Bosch right angle drill has features such as its battery’s electronic cell protection which protects the battery, resulting in longer operation. Moreover, it also comes equipped with a fuel gauge that tracks your working day and helps you avoid frustrations when taking on important jobs.

All of this is to say that durability should be an essential characteristic for electricians who are not millionaires but don’t have time or patience for malfunctions during their workday.

Milwaukee 1680-21

Milwaukee 1680-21 Right Angle Drill

The Milwaukee 1680-21 Super Hawg is one of the most powerful right angle drills on the market. This drill has a ½ inch chuck, an electric brake to stop rotation quickly when necessary and replaceable brushes so you can use it for years without problems.

There are only a few other cordless power tools that have this much power as well as safety features. The Milwaukee 1680-21 Super Hawg should be used by professionals who need something durable with long-lasting battery life. Not everyday homeowners or hobbyists looking for convenience above all else because there aren’t many disadvantages to using this product.

This drill is a powerful tool that professional electricians, plumbers, and construction workers use for various projects. The 13 Amp motor allows the user to vary their speed between 450 rpm/min to 1750 rpm/min depending on what they need it for.

It features a soft-grip Roto-Lok handle. This allows you to rotate the handle left and right at 90 degrees. This lets you hold it in whatever way is most comfortable for you as well as operate it freely without worrying about dropping or losing your grip on that angle.

The Milwaukee 1680-21 has a secondary t-bar handle you can screw close to the top of the head for more control during use. It comes with a ½ inch chuck, a total length is 22 inches and weighs 14.7 lbs. making it very easy to carry around while operating smoothly due to its lightweight design.

Drilling Holes with the Best Right Angle Drill For Electricians

Final Thoughts

Finding the best right angle drill for electricians can be a daunting task, but with the detailed reviews discussed in this article, you’ll find it much easier. We know how difficult it can be when choosing what type of drill might suit your needs because there are so many different brands out there claiming they offer these things.

The one you need depends on what material you’re drilling into, how deep it is, and the speed at which you want to drill. Each type has its own strength and weaknesses too (for example some drills don’t work well in tight spaces).

So again check out all our suggested drills to know which one is worth your hard-earned money and time. Choose wisely if you want to continue working at peak efficiency without any interruptions from faulty equipment.

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