12 Best Leveling Kit for RAM 1500 2WD/4WD: Match the Stock Height

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Are you tired of your truck looking like it’s about to fall off the frame? Do you want to have a smoother ride without having to buy a new truck? A leveling kit is a perfect solution for your car. It will keep your tires in contact with the ground, which will give you better traction and stability.

Not to mention that it will look much nicer on your vehicle. The best leveling kit for RAM 1500 usually provides a smooth ride with minimal body roll and offers maximum stability when compared to other kits on the market.

With so many options it can be hard to know which one is right for you, but we’ll do our best to guide you through what each product has to offer and give an honest opinion on how well they perform.

Best Leveling Kit for RAM 1500 Reviews

MotoFab Lifts DR-2.5 – Best for 4WD

‎MotoFab Lifts DR-2.5 Leveling Kit

If you’re looking for a way to modify your car quickly and efficiently, Motofab’s leveling lift kit is the answer. The laser-cut billet aluminum design means that this product will last longer than traditional lifts with their stamped steel construction.

And it looks great too. Don’t hesitate to show off those newly modified wheels when you install the powder-coated finish which matches up well with all stock components. So no one has any idea what you’ve done under there until they get right on top of it.

The kits have been laser cut out of metal which makes them elegant looking as well. Motofab Lifts is an established leveling kit for Dodge RAM trucks that can fit between 2006 and 2020. The installation of this lift only takes one to two hours, which makes it the best leveling kit on the market as well as highly durable.

These kits can be installed in place of your factory suspension system, no welding is required. In addition, unlike other brands’ kits, Motofab comes with its own custom hardware making your install hassle-free.

This 2.5-inch leveler also features laser-cut components so you don’t need to remove struts or coils when installing these parts onto your truck. Motofab’s lifetime warranty is the best way to show customers they don’t make products that break. so there are fewer things in the way while you work.

These leveling kits are the easy way to lift your vehicle. The spacers have a unique design that makes them extra strong, so you won’t need any tools or disassembly for installation. You can install it with just one wrench.

Save time and money by getting this kit instead of completely rebuilding your suspension system yourself or paying someone else.

‎Supreme Suspensions ‎AZM 396.3 – Best for 2WD

‎Supreme Suspensions ‎AZM 396.3_BLK_Ram Leveling Kit

If you’re looking for a leveling kit to complete your truck’s look, this model will be perfect. Unlike other models on the shelves, Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit is available in two different colors.

So it adds elegance and improves space thickness without compromising style. The front of your SUV will also become 3 inches higher than normal thanks to its lifting ability. This tool is made with T6 aircraft-grade aluminum for superior strength and precision machining.

It allows off-road lovers to carry heavy loads up to 35,000 psi. Drivers will have no challenges putting this kit together thanks to its easy design features like the leveling kit which also offers a great option for every application.

Because of its precise measurements that ensure accuracy when driving over all types of terrain without affecting vehicle stability or safety at any time in your expedition This tool accommodates larger tires and wheels quickly and easily while offering drivers exceptional levels of protection against impact damage through special attachments.

The unique telescoping handle makes it possible to work on even bigger vehicles as well due to varying size requirements within those groups whereas adjustable height options offer greater flexibility overall. The Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit is the perfect option for those who own a 1994-2018 RAM 1500.

It does not require any special tools to install and all you need are detailed instructions in the manual that come with it. The kit also comes at an affordable price, which makes this lift kit very desirable compared to other options on the market today.

One downside of using this leveling tool though is that there have been some reports about compatibility issues between certain types of RAM trucks and package contents may vary based on model year or type. This model includes adjustable front coil spring spacers that come in multiple colors.

They also have a special coating for increased durability. Drivers seeking to complete their look or wanting more clearance than factory ride height should get these kits from Supreme Suspensions today. So the stylish Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit will make your truck the coolest one on the road.

Dynofit ‎FF-K510

Dynofit ‎FF-K510 Leveling Kit

If you own a 2009 to 2021 model of the Dodge RAM 1500 with four-wheel drive, this Dynofit Raise Leveling Kit is something that should be on your list. This innovative product will keep truck owners satisfied and safe for years to come.

The installation of the kit has been made pretty easy, with it taking no more than two hours under normal circumstances. The company also claims that you don’t need a spring compressor to install this product which makes things even easier for you.

This leveling lift kit provides a 3-inch front and 2-inch rear. You might be wondering why the values are different – let us explain briefly! The raised height of the front from this product is level with that of its matching back. So you get both in one purchase without having to choose between them.

When it comes to the warranty, you only get two years. So if anything goes wrong with your car during this period and no replacements can be provided at a cost-friendly price, then too bad.

Also, there isn’t much information about how customer support works which is an additional downside of buying these components from here. Some buyers reported lower control arms not lining up with strut making installation difficult but it is possible once proper steps are taken while installing.

In terms of installing this product, there is really no risk to you as a customer. That doesn’t mean that if you have problems with the installation process it won’t cost money, but at least your truck isn’t damaged in the process while taking care of business with an expert mechanic.

KSP Strut Spacers

KSP Strut Spacers Leveling Kit

The KSP lift kit is a great option for factory suspension. This model has an ace in the hole over other models on the market today, as it is built from aircraft-grade aluminum billets that make this product lighter than most competitors.

KSP Strut Lift for your RAM 1500 will immediately boost your vehicle performance to the next level, providing a 2.5-inch lift that is compatible with off-road models of your truck and comes with an installation manual guide.

This strut also has an Anodized surface, which enhances durability and strength against corrosion from environmental elements like rain or snow. Installing the KSP Strut spacers kit is quick and easy.

With no special tools needed, most users can mount it in a short time with little effort. In addition to this, drivers don’t have to buy any additional items or hire an automobile technician for assistance.

All they need are standard hand tools typically found at home such as Allen wrenches (although not included). It takes about 5 hours to remove old struts though, especially if you’re doing this for the first time.

Otherwise, installation of new ones only requires 1-2 hours minimum depending on the car model and rust/deterioration issues which vary by vehicle type. So be sure that your vehicle doesn’t suffer from either problem before purchasing.

If you want to enhance the performance of your SUV, the lift kit for RAM 1500 is just for you. It also allows bigger tires and rims on your vehicle by providing adequate ground clearance with no modifications needed.

Not only does it give a sturdy look but it offers additional benefits as well including enhanced off-road racing capabilities like larger tires and more aggressive looks compared to other models.

Dynofit ‎FF-L010-2

Dynofit ‎FF-L010-2 Leveling Kit

This product is a great tool that can be used to accomplish more than one task. Not only does it provide lift kits for RAM 1500, but also helps level your truck which reduces strain on the chassis and suspension system when you are carrying heavy loads or cargo at odd angles.

You can increase height in front of the vehicle by 3 inches while increasing the rear by 2 inches with leveling kit feature included. There are two types of dodge RAM lift kits: suspension and leveling.

Both increase the height by 2 inches for a rear spacer, but only one increases it 3 inches at front struts while the other raises both to an even three inches high. The leveling kit is ideal for those who have 4WD on their 2009–2018 model year trucks, whereas if you want your truck’s wheels lifted above its frame then go with a suspension lift kit instead.

They’re great options all-around regardless of specific needs or interests. However, the lift kit is budget-friendly and takes less than 2 hours to install. The manual will guide you through the steps so that it’s not difficult either.

These products have corrosion resistance and durability for extra protection. Dynofit’s 2-inch leveling kits provide the perfect lift to give your vehicle a more commanding stance.

These easy-to-install suspension lifts are manufactured out of high-quality materials that ensure durability and efficiency for years after purchase and include everything you need in one box including instructions on installation.

‎KSP Performance ‎26LF8603

KSP Performance ‎26LF8603 Leveling Kit

The RAM 1500 lift kit is a leveling system that can be installed at home. This alternative to dealership installation has 12.9-grade bolts which support the safest components in any other KSP product.

So you don’t have to worry about corroding or rusting of parts over time as they are powder coated from harmful elements such as water and salt on roads during winter months. The kits widen options for tire size and shock absorbers while blending with factory-fitted ones without affecting their working nature.

KSP Lift Kits are the leveling kit you’ve been looking for. The durable bolts hold everything tightly in place without any risk of slipping or loosening up over time, so you can drive at high speeds on rough terrain with no worries about your car falling apart under you.

They include spacers made from billet aluminum that’s incredibly strong but also lightweight and easy to work into a sleek design. The perfect addition to complement KSP’s already excellent aesthetic customization options.

This kit is a product that gives an advantage to your truck. Not only does it make the vehicle easier and safer for off-roading, but it also allows you to carry more weight while maintaining its strength as if nothing had been changed.

Furthermore, it offers 30 days of free returns in case this isn’t what you were looking for or doesn’t live up to expectations. When it comes to struts, KSP knows what it’s doing.

Made of aluminum billet with incredible tensile strength for carrying heavy loads and tackling more difficult challenges and terrain, the lifetime warranty inspires confidence in this product made using the latest technology.

Air Lift 89365 LoadLifter

Air Lift 89365 LoadLifter Leveling Kit

The Air Lift 89365 LoadLifter lift kit offers a convenient and comfortable off-roading experience. The end caps are durable, corrosion-resistant, and provide up to 5000 pounds of lifting capacity. This model is easy on your wallet because it requires no drilling into the frame or body as other lifts kits do for RAM 1500 vehicles.

With this air suspension system installed in less than an hour with simple hand tools, you can be sure you’re going to have fun while driving without breaking your back hauling heavy loads around town or through mud trails after those camping trips. So head out there today to get ready for some good times.

The Air Lift LoadLifter comes with an internal jounce bumper to help prevent bottoming out on the road. This prevents having to purchase a factory-installed one, and it also has well-designed air springs that can be adjusted for different weight loads or objects moved around in your SUV.

These air springs are made of sturdy 2ply fabric so they’ll last you many years without issue all at an affordable price. This product also includes a braided airline, roll plates, and stainless steel mounting hardware.

Customers have found the installation to be simple and fast with clear instructions provided in the included manual for stress-free mounting. Although there are some complaints about certain fittings that may not hold up over time as well as we’d like them to or some customers find they leak quickly after purchase.

This lift kit is still an excellent choice among offroaders who want additional height on their truck without breaking the bank. So this lifter can be an excellent solution for those needing to lift 5000 pounds.

It comes with an internal jounce bumper and fully illustrated installation instructions, which makes it easy to install even if you aren’t familiar with air springs or how they work. This particular model also features well-built air springs that include a braided airline hose, a nice addition since this will likely help the product last longer than some of its counterparts.

Superlift Suspension 4008

Superlift Suspension 4008 Leveling Kit

When it comes to raising the suspension of a vehicle, Superlift Suspension is one company that has been there and done that.

Most importantly though, the models produced by them are known for their sturdy construction as well as being extremely effective at what they do i.e., raise vehicles off-road when required without hampering performance or comfort in any way.

The latest addition to its product line-up is no exception either which makes it another exceptional product from the brand worth serious consideration if you’re looking towards upgrading your ride’s suspension system soon.

The Superlift Suspension Lift Kit helps you level your truck to 4-6 inches. With the kit, you can also use large rims and tires with your SUV. Unlike other leveling kits, this model includes steering stabilizers that help improve your steering mechanism.

It even prevents unexpected shocks from happening. And there’s more! The Steering Correction feature of the product ensures that how well-controlled are both front wheels is increased when driving on a straight path as opposed to one for which extreme maneuverability is necessary such as in parking lots.

This RAM 1500 Lift Kit is a great choice for drivers who want to completely transform their vehicle. Drivers say that they love how easy and fast it was to install the kit, which means you can have your truck looking awesome in no time.

The installation guide comes with all of the necessary information about putting together this lift kit as well as any tools needed so you won’t be left scratching your head wondering what goes where. It’s also compatible with both 2500 & 3500 4WD models. So RAM owners are sure not to miss out on these perks too.

So Increase your productivity with the Superlift Suspension Lift Kit for trucks. This kit will lift your truck and includes installation instructions, steering stabilizers, a correction on the front axle to ensure proper alignment between tandem tires and rear axles after the lifting system is installed. Furthermore, it’s perfect for other brands of suspension lift systems as well.

‎Richeer ‎AM28722

‎Richeer ‎AM28722 Leveling Kit

This kit was designed for the harshest conditions and comes with high-strength fasteners that have anodized surfaces to prevent corrosion. The Richer leveling kit has 12.9 grade bolt fasteners that are treated for the harshest conditions and strenuous performance, as well as anodized surfaces to prevent corrosion.

Thus extend their life by preventing corrosive elements from affecting them. The lift kits consist of T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum durable enough to withstand high pressure over long periods of time without corroding or breaking down due to stress in these harsh environments.

Richeer, a company that specializes in leveling kits and other automotive parts for RAM 1500 trucks, invests heavily into research to ensure customers receive the best products.

After months of development testing with factory-installed components on 2009 – 2018 models, they are now able to offer compatible RAM 1500 leveling kits as well as an improved design that provides better fitment than ever before.

So Richeer Leveling Lift Kits are precision engineered so that drivers can enjoy a wide range of benefits. The front leveling kit is 1.9″ thick and designed to be durable enough for everyday use, but also easy to install at home without any help from professionals.

Richeer invests in research & development because they care about helping their customers get the best experience possible when driving with Richeer’s products installed on their vehicle.

‎Rough Country 35400

‎Rough Country 35400 Leveling Kit

This product is a part of one of the favorite brands in the truck accessories field. Rough Country manufactures aftermarket suspension systems, and normally they will never disappoint you. This shock absorber came to mind when we were thinking about their products.

It’s great in quality that gives you the best ride possible for your truck or car. But this product is only available for 2019. Although the kit itself is good, its availability makes it less desirable than other kits that are offered in multiple years or models.

This lift kit might have the smallest amount of rising, only increasing your truck’s height by two inches. But those who’ve tried it would say that this is no small increase. Two often-ignored inches can make a huge difference when you need to see more traffic around you from within your vehicle.

This kit solves a lot of problems. For example, it eliminates the issue of nosediving which is caused by uneven height in front and back when you lower your vehicle. It also provides better protection for undercarriage as well as corrosion resistance with its black powder coating.

If there are any problems occurring with the product under normal use, Rough Country will replace it for free. If you’re worried about trying out this brand due to mishandling resulting in damage, don’t be afraid. Their replacement policy shows that they have full confidence in their products and want customers to feel safe buying from them.

This product is great for 2019 RAM 1500 owners, but if you have a different model, maybe another leveling kit on our list will suit your needs. This kit overextends the front shocks and creates a lot of noise along with distraction which may damage struts by working harder than they normally would.

Readylift 69-1040

Readylift 69-1040 Leveling Kit

This kit is made by a reputable manufacturer ReadyLift. This product is durable, high-quality, and top notch so we would expect it in anyone’s recommendation list.

ReadyLift 69-1040 is the perfect combination of a lift and level. ReadyLifts are made with high-quality materials that ensure they’ll last for years, not weeks. You don’t have to choose between getting your truck raised or leveled out; get both at once!

With this product, we can say firsthand that these lifts come highly recommended by people who’ve used them before and enjoy having their trucks look new again. This product provides a 4-inch lift in the front and 2 inches from the rear after installation, giving you an overall 6-inch difference.

After installing this product, notice huge differences to your ride height on Dodge RAM models for 2009 through 2017. The new kit will improve the vehicle stability and allow you to install up to 35-inch tires.

This is useful for those who like going off-roading frequently as it offers better protection of the truck’s undercarriage, which makes a great car safety feature. This upgrade will be another significant improvement to your stock tires.

The company has also added Tubular Upper Control Arms, which eliminate the problem of the factory ball joints separating from their control arms. Also, the company takes pride in its customers’ satisfaction and creates products that are extremely durable.

The kit is crafted from a solid aluminum block, making it strong and ensuring your safety while driving or operating equipment. Although the suspension system was damaged in a couple of cases, most buyers were satisfied with their purchase.

The kit is compatible only with 4WD variants of RAM 1500 trucks and it may be possible that some users installed the product incorrectly which caused them to get damaged. Nonetheless, overall customers seem happy about this upgrade.

American Automotive 3″ Front 2″ Rear

American Automotive 3

There are a lot of leveling lift kits available on the market, but it is important to buy from reputable brands. One thing that we really like about this particular kit by the American Automotive brand is how well-made and high quality it feels in your hands.

It works particularly great for trucks with bigger tires, which unfortunately cannot be said for every product out there so don’t take our word for granted. There are three options you can choose from to improve the quality of your ride.

You could buy a lift and level kit, or go for full-on 3 inch lifts in front and back; it doesn’t matter which option you pick because driving will be completely different either way. This product has many advantages; one of them is better undercarriage protection.

If you go off-roading often, this would be beneficial for your truck as it provides much-needed protection in that environment. This product is only compatible with the 2002 to 2008 model RAM 1500 and 2WD drives.

This product is durable because it has been laser cut using carbon steel, ensuring that the dimensions are super accurate and providing a perfect fit every time. The company advertises this over other products as something that will outlast your truck.

The brand guarantees that the installation is very easy and will take a maximum of four hours. You might be questioning why this install time takes double as long compared to other manufacturers’ products, but there’s actually an explanation for it.

At its current rate, you’d have installed everything in half the amount of time. Lastly, the product is great and has received positive reviews from customers. One user did complain about squeaking noises after installing it in his car, but this only happened to him despite many other users having no complaints at all.

Final Thoughts

There are many options for leveling kits for RAM 1500, so in this article, we tried to help you find the best one to suit your needs. These high-quality leveling kits are guaranteed to improve ride quality while also smoothing out any inconsistencies in suspension levels.

Also, offer optimal performance on rough terrain or when carrying heavy loads. Check out our helpful and detailed reviews along with the customer feedback on the top products in order to make an informed decision about which product is right for you.

We hope that through reading this information, you can now narrow down your choices so that choosing a kit becomes much easier.

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