7 Best Star Night Light Projectors for Toddler and Adults in 2021

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Have you ever imagined living in the starry sky, fancy to see the colorful starlight? Ever thought dinner with thousands of stars and galaxies? All of these are possible only by using one simple yet best night light projector.

It can bring a natural feel at home after your whole day’s tiring work. By visualizing different relaxing environments, it helps you to sleep comfortably. These are also awesome for some good party ambiance.

Night light projectors are very popular among kids. They love to see the starry sky and the attractive moon around them. Besides, it can stimulate their sense of thinking and imagination power.

In the night time, there remains a silent and dark scenario everywhere. So it can be scary and far from fun. In this situation, the night light projector can help significantly in making their bedtimes fun and sound sleep.

Top Rated Star Projectors in 2021



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Power Source


Best Elmchee Night Light Projector





Best Soaiy Aurora Night Light Projector





Best BlissLights SkyLite Night Light Projector



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Best FKANT Night Light Star Projector





Best Ohuhu Ocean Night Light Projector




USB Charger

Best SYCEES Star Night Light Projector





Best Night Light Projector Reviews

The market is full of various night light projectors. Yet you need to choose the one from those options which attain your demand. In the following, we have covered the in detail reviews of a few projectors that will undoubtedly help you find the one you love.

Elmchee Night Light Projector

Key Features

  • Both projector and night bulb functionality
  • 3 different optional films
  • 6 colorful lighting effects
  • 3* AA batteries or USB cable
  • 3 types of brightness (5%, 50%, 100%)
  • 1 USB wire
  • 1 projection bulb

Elmchee Night Light Projector

Detailed Features

If you want to brighten up your space in just a few seconds, then Elmchee will be a good option for you. It has multifunctional features. You can use it as a projector by removing the shade and can also use it as a night light when it is which the shade.

This device is designed with 3 optional films. Those optional films have three different themes: Starry sky, Happy birthday, and Magical universe. Experts say, when kids see the starry sky, they fall asleep quickly and sweetly. So it will be good for your children’s sound sleep.

You can use the happy birthday themes in different birthday parties, which will give your party a unique look. You can also taste the mystery of the universe when you use the magical universe theme. It also features six lighting effects. Blue, White, yellow, sequential combination, slow fade are those effects.

The lighting effects make the projector themes more attractive.If you feel bored with one lighting effect, you can change the effect according to your test. It has two methods of electricity supply: 3* AA Batteries or USB connection.

Therefore it renders excellent performances at an affordable cost. The projector will make bedtimes fun and give you different natural experiences. It will be a cool gift for adults and kids.


  • Cheap in price.
  • Two functional buttons- night light or projecting mood.
  • Has beautiful color and design.
  • Three optional films with 6 lighting effect.
  • A USB wire is included in the package.
  • Convenient to use.


  • No remote control facility.
  • Exceptionally bright light.
  • Makes noise sometimes.

Soaiy Aurora Night Light Projector

Key Features

  • Fantastic Aurora night light with 7 lighting modes
  • One remote control
  • 6 built-in nature sounds
  • Sound machine with Bluetooth facility
  • 4 adjustable timer options
  • 3 types of brightness levels (30%, 60%, 100%)

Soaiy Aurora Night Light Projector

Detailed Features

This night light projector is undoubtedly fantastic because of its Marvelous Aurora night light mode. In this mode, colors(red, green, yellow, blue) mixed with each other and create a romantic, peaceful, soothing environment. It enables you and your family to enjoy a delightful night.

It can also be used as a small nightlight because of the cover on it. So if you are afraid of the dark, it will comfort you.By creating a comfortable environment, it helps babies, as well as adults, fall asleep peacefully. It has six built-in nature sounds and a sound machine with Bluetooth facility.

You can listen and feel ocean waves, raindrops, brooks, white noise, summer night, thunder by using the projector. You can also listen to night songs like lullabies or relaxing music on your cellphone, iPod, tablet, through using Bluetooth speaker features of this device.

The most convenient feature of this device is that it has a remote control system. You can turn on/off the machine, adjust the brightness and volume levels, switch the nature sounds, makes it rotate or not, shift the light and sound modes, and set the timer by using the remote. So, anybody can operate this device.

The timer and brightness options are easily adjustable in this device. It has 4 timer and 3 brightness level options. You can set those options according to your demand. The device is lightweight in size and easy to carry.

You can carry it with you anywhere for traveling, camping, and whatnot. You can also charge it through a power bank. Since it’s easy to use, the device is quite suitable for both kids and adults.


  • 6 built-in nature sounds included.
  • Remote control operating system integrated.
  • Sleep timer option available.
  • Additional Bluetooth facility.
  • Good brightness quality.
  • 12 months exchange warranty.


  • Audio quality is not good.
  • Speakers are not loud enough.

BlissLights Sky Lite Star Projector

Key Features

  • 6 hours built-in timer
  • Operating temperature from 0oC to 40oC
  • 1 laser diode
  • 2 lighting modes
  • 2 LED lamps
  • 6 hours timer options

BlissLights SkyLite Night Light Projector

Detailed Features

Want to bring the galaxy inside your home! Then the BlissLights Sky Lite Projector will be an excellent choice for you. It instantly projects a field of floating starts against a transforming blue nebula cloud. This device projects bold and realistic colors, using direct laser diodes.

The color effects created by this projector is quite unique. You won’t find this type of color effect on any other projector in the market. It has a remote control system. You can turn on/off, cycle through the light effect, adjust brightness, start/stop the rotating motion by a simple button control.

This device can change your room environment instantly by soothing aura effects.It creates a comfortable environment in any room. You can light up your parties, reinvigorate your workplace, uniquely make a romantic dinner. This projector helps you to enjoy your dining under thousands of stars and galaxies.

It is like an instant game-changer that can turn your home theater in seconds. Hence, it creates a soothing environment in your home and entertainment areas.

There is a 6-hour non-adjustable built-in timer function available for automatic shut off. Also, you have to operate this device between 32°F to 104°F. In addition, you will get 3 foot 120V AC adapter cord, including real laser diodes with this night light projector.

These are the highest quality lasers and superior holographic. For this, the projector also used in industry laser lighting and also found in theme park lighting.


  • Good brightness quality.
  • Remote control operating system integrated.
  • Great video playback.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight in size.


  • Motor can make noise.
  • Too bright.
  • Battery power source unavailable.
  • Timer and Rotation speed should be better.

FKANT Star Projector

Key Features

  • LED timer controlling system (5 to 95 minutes)
  • Material : Plastic
  • 15 different lighting modes + rotation
  • 4* AAA batteries or USB cord
  • 1 night light projection lamp

FKANT Night Light Star Projector

Detailed Features

FKANT Night Light Star Projector is specially designed for imaginative and creative-minded kids and babies. Its different colorful space will help you put the universe back home.

It has an LED Timer Control system to set the timer from 5-95 minutes according to your preference.When the time is over, the projector will automatically turn off. So, if you or your baby fall asleep after starting this projector, you don’t need to stop that manually.

It has a multifunctional kid night light mood. You can project the moon and stars with a unique view by using this mood. You can also use it as a typical night light.Thus it will be a nursery for young kids scared of the dark at bedtimes.

The star projector will give you a different unique view by its 15 lighting effects. The combination of white, green, red, blue, and slow fade will make the look more attractive. You can set different color modes and lighting effect according to your choice.

The device has only 5 buttons to operate all functions, which makes it very easy to operate. You can get both USB cable and battery charging facilities in this projector. So, you can charge this by a cable, or use 4 AAA batteries to give operating power to this device.

It helps you taste the beauty of the universe, constellation, in your home. It also enhances your child’s astronomical knowledge and increases thinking capability. It will be an ideal gift for both kids and adults.


  • Beautiful color and design.
  • 15 different lighting effects.
  • Easy to use.
  • Start using both USB cable and Battery.
  • Good brightness facility.


  • Remote control unavailable.
  • Projections may appear blurry.

Ohuhu Ocean Wave Projector

Key Features

  • Bright wave with brilliant lighting effects
  • 8 different color mode + rotation
  • 1 hour automatically shut off facility
  • USB cable or 4*AAA batteries for power supply
  • Built-in music player with audio cable
  • Material : ABS plastic

Ohuhu Ocean Wave Night Light Projector

Detailed Features

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the ocean without going there, then Ohuhu Ocean Wave night light projector is perfect for creating that watery ocean-atmosphere. It creates an impressive light show by using bright wave night mode.

This light show will entertain you and make your mind pleasant. It also creates a relaxing, and comforting environment in your home.The projector has 8 colors of brightness mode. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean in multiple changes of color.

It features a built-in mini speaker. You have to plug it into your iPod, mp3, phone, computer to play music. The device will automatically shut down after 1 hour. You don’t need to turn off it manually. It would not disturb you and your baby’s sleep.

You can use this in the home, office, bathroom, living room anywhere you want. It creates a watery ocean atmosphere that will comfort you after tiring work. You can also use this projector to greet your visitors.In the office reception room for you can make a unique view by using it.

Both 4*AA batteries and USB cable are used to give power supply to this projector. An LED bulb is used to lighten up this product, which is very much safe to use. The bulb will last between 25,000 and 50,000. For the sea lovers, it’s a must-buy item.


  • Attractive color and design.
  • 8 beautiful brightness modes.
  • Built-in music player available.
  • Both USB and Battery charging facility.
  • Cheap in price.


  • Cheap plastic quality.
  • Timer function is not too good.
  • Sound quality average.

Amiluo Life Starry Projector

Key Features

  • LED light with 6 different colors
  • Voice control system
  • Touch control system with 4 touch keys
  • Automatically turn off after 4 hours of continuous use
  • USB charging or Built-in battery
  • 3 LED lamps

Amiluo Life Starry Night Light Projector

Detailed Features

Amiluo Life Starry Projector will be an excellent option to taste the beauty of night sky with twinkling stars, waving clouds and non-moving moon. It will create a romantic and soothing atmosphere. The environment will help you and your kids fall asleep quickly and smoothly.

It has 6 different LED color effects. You can change the color of the stars according to your needs. The six colors can be set to autoplay mode, which will give you fantastic lighting experience.

It has a voice control functionality. The starts and waving cloud will dance according to the music you play. The scenario will add more fun to your user experience.You can create a unique atmosphere for any event like a wedding, birthday, party, etc.

The device offers a simple touch screen induction. You can control the whole system only using 4 touch keys. So, people of any age can easily use this device. It is possible to charge the device within 2-3 hours using a USB cable. Besides, you can also use a 2200 mAh lithium built-in battery.

It will ease your pressure, helps you enjoy your dining under the night sky scene. The starry atmosphere will develop your kid’s imagination and creativity. Thus makes your bedtime more enjoyable.


  • Good brightness facility.
  • Great battery life.
  • Touch control system.
  • 6 color choices.
  • Easy to use
  • Both USB and Battery charging facility.


  • Voice control need to be improved.
  • Remote control unavailable.

SYCEES Star Night Light Projector

Key Features

  • Multi-colored LED Lighting
  • Attractive Aurora Borealis Projector
  • 6 different soothing sounds with Bluetooth speaker
  • Remote control system integrated
  • 7 lighting modes with 3-levels brightness
  • 30 levels of volume control
  • Built-in high quality speakers
  • 1 Lithium ion battery use for power

SYCEES Night Light Projector

Detailed Features

It is an aurora borealis projector with realistic colorful LED night light. The attractive light show will soothe you and your kids to a peaceful sleep. It provides 6 different soothing sounds. Those are White noise, Ocean, Summer Night, Brook, Thunder, and Rain. These sounds will help keep your kids calm anytime.It is helpful for your kids to fast asleep.

You can also block unwanted noise with the help of those effects. The projector has a Sleep Sound Machine. It creates soothing sounds, which is so much relaxing. Projecting realistic aurora borealis and nebular light with soothing sounds creates an enjoyable and comfortable bedtime atmosphere.

The device has a built-in high-quality speaker. It helps you to play night songs like lullabies, melodies, and kids’ favorite streaming music. Bluetooth connection facility is also integrated, which help you connect it to smartphones, tablets, and iPods, etc. The device has 7 lighting modes, 30 levels of volume control, and 3-levels of brightness.

Auto on/off timer is available to make adjustments just as your need. This projector will be a good heal for the people who face problems in sleeping. It will ease your pressure and make you comfort after tiring work. You can taste the feeling of the different natural state, sitting in your home.


  • Great Timer Function.
  • Better Brightness facility.
  • Good Sleep Sound Machine.
  • Better Remote Control system.


  • Short wire can be a problem for perfect angle.
  • Possible damage to eyes.

FAQs About Best Star Night Light Projector

What is a night light projector?

A night light projector is a device which projects various themes of natural acts with attractive lighting effect. It helps you experience sky full of stars and galaxies, marvelous ocean sight, raindrops, summer night, brook, thunder, etc. inside your house. You can see different natural beauty in vivid lighting effects.

The effects will stimulate you to observe realistic sights. It helps you to see stars, constellation, Ocean in white, red, blue, green, etc. colors. The view will be more attractive than the real one.

The device has different sound effects. The music helps anyone to feel so much relax after tiring work. It will be an excellent addition at home for both kids as well as adults.

Where should you place night light projector for perfect view?

It depends on the size of the night light projector. We think you will find the answer in the manual. You can set the projector anywhere in the house. But you have to keep at least 5 to 6 feet clearance between the projector or ceiling or the wall.

For maintaining that distance the center of the room will be the best place to set the projector. You will get the best view if you set the device in the center. If the projector won’t find enough space for the full display, then the display will likely appear blurry or hazy.

What are the benefit of using a night light projector?

The main benefit is to bring nature inside your house. You don’t have to go outside to see the starry sky, seaside view. You can also experience raindrops in hot summer, summer night in winter, thunder when the night is free of cloud, and many natural acts without going anywhere.

It has colorful lighting effects. It helps you observe the stars, galaxies, and the various water layer of the ocean in multiple colors. The site will be so unique than ever. It features some built-in sound effects on which device helps you listen to different attractive sounds. The sound will soothe your mind and give you better sleep.

We all know that sleep is essential for sound health. The device will create a relaxing environment in your home. The situation will help you and your kids to sleep peacefully. You can also use this device as a simple night light.

The projector is also suitable for party ambiance. You can enjoy dining under thousands of stars and constellation. The projector will increase your child’s creativity and imagination power. Thus, it makes you betimes more fantastic.

Do a light night projector helps you sleep?

Yes, night light projectors are very much helpful for better sleep for both adults and kids. It has attractive themes with a marvelous lighting effect, which creates a soothing atmosphere. The built-in sound system will help you to listen to different fresh music like the melody.

The tunes are so much relaxing and very much good for sleep. You can play night songs like lullabies and kid’s favorite streaming. The songs will make your kids fast asleep and keep them mentally sounds. Steady and smooth image is ideal for kids sleep. The device will provide you the facility.

If you have a sleeping problem, then it will be an excellent aid for you. The unique view and awesome music create a soothing environment that is very much suitable for sound sleep.

Is USB cable the only option to run the device?

No, you can either use USB cable or batteries to run the device smoothly. Batteries are perfect for portable use and set up in a good position. Whereas, if you use USB cable, you may not be able to set it up in a perfect place for the best viewing experience.

Final Thoughts

So far, we have reviewed some of the best night light projectors you can find in the market. Every projector has some different unique features. One device is better for starry night view; one is better for a beautiful ocean view.

In any way, you can experience different natural views sitting in your house. The modern features like remote control systems, timers, built-in speakers, etc. make it very easy to operate the projectors. So, people from any age can control the device comfortably. Lights are very much safe for use because of LED technology.

No matter what, these projector effects will soothe you and your kids to create a sleepy or party or the natural environment according to your choice. So, we hope now you are able to make an informed decision to buy the best budget-friendly night light projector to fulfill your needs.

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