7 Best 360mm AIO Coolers for Overclockers of 2021

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An AIO cooler is an all-in-one liquid cooling solution that is designed to cool down a computer system’s components, such as the CPU and GPU. Most of these come with a fan that blows air over it to keep the heat away from your expensive hardware.

There are many different types of AIO coolers on the market today; some use air while others use water for their cooling needs. For this article, we will be focusing on our top picks for best 360mm AIO coolers.

Top 3 Best 360 AIO Coolers

Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler, 360mm Radiator, Triple 120mm ML Series PWM Fans, Advanced RGB Lighting and Fan Software Control, Intel 115x/2066 and AMD AM4 com
Fan Speed
Max 1600 RPM
Max 47.3 CFM
Air Pressure
Max 1.78 mmH2O
Noise Level
10-25 dbA
LED Light
Check Price
Top Pick
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 RGB Thread Ripper TR4 Edition Close-Loop CPU Liquid Cooler, 360mm Radiator, Dual Chamber RGB Pump, Triple MF120R Fans, RGB Lighting (MLX-D36M-A20PC-T1)
Fan Speed
Max 2000 RPM
Max 66.7 CFM
Air Pressure
Max 2.34 mmH2O
Noise Level
6-30 dbA
LED Light
Check Price
Thermaltake Floe 360mm, 16.8 Million Color Software Enabled (TT RGB Plus/Alexa/Razer Chroma), AMD (AM5/AM4)/Intel (LGA 2066/1200), AIO CPU Liquid Cooler CL-W158-PL12SW-A Black
Fan Speed
Max 1400 RPM
Max 42.3 CFM
Air Pressure
Max 1.54mmH20
Noise Level
19.8-24.7 dbA
LED Light
Check Price

Best 360mm AIO Cooler Reviews

Corsair H150i PRO

Key Features

  • Triple 120 mm ML series PWM fan
  • 360mm Aluminum radiator
  • Maximum 1600 RPM (PWM) Fan speed
  • 47.3 CFM (Max) Fan Airflow
  • 1.78 mmH2O Fan Air Pressure
  • 10-25 dbA Fan Noise Level
  • 4-Pin (PWM) Fan Power Connector
Corsair H150i PRO RGB AIO Cooler

Detailed Features

The Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO arrives with advanced magnetic levitation technology. The smart fan has 3 120mm PWN fan and a 360mm aluminum radiator, which can deliver powerful heat emission on a large surface, keeping a very low noise.

It also features an elegant RBG LED pump head, provides a stylish lighting effect with vibrant color. The shining lights can move dynamically so that you experience different unique lighting effects.To make the cooler a better heat exhauster, the manufacturer added a copper base plate in the lower back end.

The cooler can deliver at a pace of a maximum of 1600 RPM. You will get 47.3 CFM max fan airflow and 1.78mmH20 fan static pressure, which will be a killer for 360mm AIO cooler. That’s why you can do heavy gaming, multi-tasking, and running multiple apps at a time with ease.

The cooler can provide top-notch safety your CPU components and delivers faster cooling support when needed. So, you can rely on the advance cooler and can execute your works without worries. On the plus side, you can monitor your CPU temperature, control and adjust the fan speed, and customize and manage the RGB lights with the help of the CORSAIR iCUE software.

Because of that, you don’t need to do any changes manually, which will be a terrific advantage. The cooler rocks with its Zero RPM cooling mode. In this mode, the cooler automatically stops at the lower temperature and helps to reduce the fan noise as well.

Thus, it resists the extra power loss and helps to decrease the unnecessary electric bills. Besides, it uses very little power while running even at high speed. With its superior pump, you will get higher performance with a minimal noise of barely 25 dbA.

Moreover, it is harmonious with most of the leading-edge CPU of Intel and AMD has ever made, and with its modular, tool-free mounting bracket, you can do the quick and painless installation on most of the chips. Therefore, it will be one of the best 360mm AIO for your use as it delivers beast performance in low noise.


  • Very fast and reliable.
  • Magnetic levitation fan for better performance.
  • Can be controlled by software.
  • Low noise performance.
  • RGB LEDs for aesthetic view.
  • 5 years of warranty included.


  • Very large and bulky.
  • Comparatively high in price.

Cooler Master ML360 TR4 Edition

Key Features

  • 120 mm triple PWM fan
  • 360mm Radiator size
  • Dual-chamber pump technology integrated
  • Min 6500 to Max 2000 RPM (PWM) Fan speed
  • 66.7 CFM (Max) Fan Airflow
  • 2.34 mmH2O Fan Air Pressure
  • 160,000 hours of Fan MTTF
  • 6-30 dbA Fan Noise Level
  • <15 dbA of pump noise level
  • 4-Pin (PWM) Fan Power Connector
  • 12VDC fan rated voltage
  • RGB LED lighting effect
Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360 RGBTR4 Edition AIO Cooler

Detailed Features

The Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360 is specially designed and customized for the AMD socket T4 platform, more specifically tailored explicitly for the thread ripper processor. It comes with 3, 120mm PWM fan, offers a tremendous cooling speed of a maximum 2000 RPM. The velocity can provide a higher flow rate while cooling an enormous volume of heat from the CPU.

With its 360mm aluminum radiator, the cooler delivers maximum efficiency and helps to remove excess heat from the larger surface of the CPU and therefore ensures the safety of the components. It has a dual-chamber structure on the pump.

The architecture separates the heated coolant from the pump and assures both first-class emissions through the radiator and long-lasting durability to the cooler. Forgiving signature looks to the builds; it arrives with 6 alluring RBG LED lighting effects in the fan and pump.

The effects are fully customizable, and you can choose your desired one from them. In this cooler, you will find a fan airflow of nearly 67 CFM, and for a better flow rate, it offers a standard fan static pressure of 2.34mmH20, the features are killer for top-tier cooling.

Besides, it creates a maximum noise level of 30 dbA while running in the max speed. Even the pumps produce less than 15 dbA of sound, which will be worthwhile for those who face problems while working on high noise.

Hence, it permits you to do intensive works securing the safety of yours and your CPUs. The cooler designed for thread ripper chips, but it also supports other AMD and Intel sockets. That’s why if you have an Intel socket, you don’t need to worry about that.

The installation process of this cooler is easy, and you can control the RGB lighting via software. If you want to build a new PC or desired to upgrade your older one, you may go for it.


  • Elegant design with outstanding build-quality.
  • Budget Pricing.
  • Absolutely a great cooling performer.
  • Produce very low noise.
  • Can be controlled by software.
  • 2 years of warranty available.


  • CPU mounting option could be better.

NZXT Kraken M22

Key Features

  • 120 mm PWM fan
  • Min 500 and Max 2000 (PWM) ± 300 RPM Fan speed
  • Maximum 3,000 +/- 300 RPM Pump speed
  • 21-36 dbA Fan Noise Level
  • RGB LED technology
NZXT Kraken M22 AIO Liquid Cooler

Detailed Features

The Kraken M22 is one of the market-cracking AIO coolers that next has ever made. Arrives with an infinity mirror design, makes its build quality exceptional. The cooler has Aer P radiator fans, which can provide powerful cooling performance and go up to 2000 RPM speeds, keeping a very less noise.

In its building material copper is used. As we know, copper is an excellent conductor and can transfer heat at a high velocity. Forgiving your CPU a discreet look, the manufacturer integrated advanced lighting mode into it for fantastic lighting effects with vibrant color, allowing fully dynamic lighting experience.

It features a sophisticated pump that is very efficient at relocating liquid compared to others while maintaining the acoustic to a minimum. To make this cooler responsive and user-friendly scheme, it comes with superior software controlling technology.

With the software, you can control the fan speed, pump speed, monitor CPU performance, making any changes, only using a desktop or mobile app. You can do intensive gaming, high-end works, multi-tasking for hours, and check the performance while using.

It can produce a maximum noise of 38 dbA running at the top speed. In times of light use, you can reduce the fan or pump rate by the CAM software to resist power loss and ensure the safety of the components.

The cooler is compatible with almost all of Intel’s present-day chips, like 1150, 1151, 1155, 1200, 2066, and AMD chips like fm2, fm2+, AM2, AM2+ AM4, etc. That’s why you can fearlessly go for this cooler if you have a top-end PC as it demands less than 100 bucks.


  • Premium build quality.
  • Outstanding cooling performance.
  • Better for gaming.
  • Manual controlling facility.
  • 6 years warranty included.


  • May find difficulties in software controlling.
  • The cooler is not adjustable for an older socket like LGA 775.

Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing

Key Features

  • Three 120mm RGB Fan
  • 360mm Aluminum Radiator
  • 3600 RPM (Max) Pump speed
  • Min 500 and Max 1400 RPM (PWM) (±10%) Fan speed
  • Min 14.2 and Max 42.3 CFM Fan Airflow
  • Min 0.17 and Max 1.54mmH20 Fan Air Pressure
  • 19.8-24.7 dbA Fan noise level
  • Addressable RBG LED lights
  • 5-PWM Fan Power Connector
  • 12VDC Fan Rated Voltage
  • 0.325A pump rated current
Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing 360mm Premium Edition AIO Cooler

Detailed Features

The Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing is a highly recommended CPU cooler for its outstanding performance and superior quality. The cooler furnished with three 120mm Riing Plus RBG fans, including a LED water block, offers faster cooling performance.

The RBG water block has TT RGB PLUS intelligent lighting system, which provides nearly 17 million colors and 12 addressable LEDs, making the fan blades more glamorous while operating.

For cooling a larger surface, it has a specially designed 360mm high-efficiency radiator, which doubles the cooling surface and supports 6x120mm fans for additional heat exhaust. For increasing heat conductivity, the copper base plate is used in the lower block of the cooler.

The high-quality pump of the cooler facilitates the maximum volume of water circulation and helps to keep the copper plate continuously cool. As the low evaporation tube is very effective in reducing the loss of coolant, no refill is needed. The cooler can go at the highest speed of 1400 RPM.

Also, you will find a maximum fan airflow of close to 43 CFM with a 1.54mm H20 fan static pressure. The configuration is quite enough for high-end cooling support. The most beneficial thing is that you can control the fan speed, monitor the fan performance, and customize the lighting effect through an advanced software called TT RBG plus software both in desktop and mobile.

The most innovative technology of the cooler is the AI voice controlling system. With this technology, you can switch the lights, change the light speed, turn light on or off, adjust the light speed, or fan speed only using your voice. You will also find a DIP switch on the back of the cooler, which permits you to add 5 devices to one lighting controller.

Also, you can connect 16 controllers through the software. It is compatible with most of the latest Intel and AMD chips and master in producing a very less sound of nearly 25 dbA. It offers a monster pump speed of 3600 RPM.

It provides easy installation, totally maintenance-free operation, needs a tiny space for setup. The price of the cooler is almost 200 bucks, a comparatively higher priced yet one best 360mm AIO delivers excellent value for the price.


  • Top-tier performance.
  • Superb build quality.
  • Addressable RGB for a better look.
  • Software controlling facility with voice control.
  • 10 years of warranty included.


  • Software can be uncomfortable for average users.

Enermax Liqmax III Dual Chamber

Key Features

  • Three 120mm RGB Fan
  • 360mm Aluminum Radiator
  • Dual Chamber Pump
  • 3100 RPM (Max) Pump speed
  • Min 500 and Max 1600 RPM (PWM) (±10%) Fan speed
  • Min 22.5 and Max 72.5 CFM Fan Airflow
  • Min 0.2 and Max 1.98mmH20 Fan Air Pressure
  • 14-27 dbA Fan noise level
  • Addressable RBG LED lights
  • 4-PWM Fan Power Connector
  • 12VDC Fan Rated Voltage
  • 0.17 A Fan rated current
Enermax Liqmax III 360mm aRGB Dual Chamber AIO Cooler

Detailed Features

If you want a mainstream water cooler for high-end gaming, the Enermax Liqmax III will be ideal. The cooler has dual-complex fan blades, which are very efficient in creating downforce air pressure and can provide a high amount of airflow while running at top speed.

That’s why you will find a maximum fan airflow of nearly 72 CFM, which is pretty good for dissipating a lot of heat. For cooling a large surface, the cooler features a smart radiator having thin aluminum fins with subtle channels.

The design makes it more capable of shifting high heat from the CPU. The producer added a dual-chamber structure to the pump to isolate the heated coolant, offers higher heat exhaust from the radiator, and ensures long-life span to the cooler. The Aurabelt water block of the cooler has addressable RBG LEDs, allow you to enjoy dazzling rainbow waves with 16.8 million colors.

Can you imagine the number the color it offers? The wave gives the cooler a discreet look, which will provide you a different experience while using. Thanks to its Central coolant inlet technology improves the cooling performance by inserting the coolant at the hottest point of the CPU.

It also features Shunt-channel technology, helps to shrink the coolant stream path, and result in quicker heat transfer. The cooler can run at a maximum speed of 1600 RPM along with a beast pump speed of 3100 RPM.

It also offers a standard fan air pressure of a maximum of 1.98mmH20, which is very useful in doing massive heat emission. The specification allows you to play for hours, doing intensive works and stuff without caring about the CPU. Besides, it produces less than 30 dbA of noise.

You will get rubber pads to decrease vibration. It has a simple design that is easy to install, and no maintenance is needed, which is compatible with most modern Intel and AMD CPUs. The sealed construction of the cooler assures both the lowest evaporation and long product life.


  • Awesome build quality and durability.
  • Best gaming rigs.
  • Outstanding cooling performance.
  • Ultra-quiet performer.
  • 2 years of warranty included.


  • Fan speed is low compare with other coolers.
  • Can’t be controlled by software.

SilverStone Technology PF360

Key Features

  • 120 mm ribbed edge PWM fan
  • Min 600 to Max 2200 RPM (PWM) Fan speed
  • Maximum 3400±10% RPM pump speed
  • 94 CFM (Max) Fan Airflow
  • 3.53 mmH2O Fan Air Pressure
  • 7.4-35.6 dbA Fan Noise Level
  • 4-Pin (PWM) Fan Power Connector
  • 12VDC fan rated voltage
  • 0.32A fan rated current
  • RGB LED lights
SilverStone Technology PF360 ARGB Permafrost 360mm AIO Cooler

Detailed Features

The SilverStone Technology PF360-ARGB Permafrost 360mm CPU cooler is very worthy of its excellent and low noise cooling performance. It comes with a PWM fan having unique ribbed edge blades that crush air turbulent sound and improve the airflow and pressure.

Thus, it assures the highest cooling performance keeping a very low noise. It is the only cooler in our list of best 360mm AIO which water block has a multi-chamber-designed pump, that resists heat bleeding and makes it more efficient for separating hot and cold liquid channels.

For improving energy efficiency and quieter operation, the manufacturer added three phases and 6 pole pattern instead of single-phase and 4 poles in the pump motor. Like other coolers, it also has an RGB lighting effect both in water block and fan to provide the cooler with an aesthetic look. You will find 10 lighting modes and can adjust the brightness and color-changing speed as well.

The cooler provides maximum cooling fan speed of 2200 RPM and 3400 RPM max pump speed. Also, for better heat dissipation, there is a robust fan airflow of 95CFM and 3.53 mmH20 static pressure, which offers you a beast cooling performance in heavy use times. So, if you are a hard-core gamer, you can go for this device without any hesitation.

The copper block is used in this cooler, and the lower side will find 0.2mm liquid channels that are fairly distributed. The channels can diffuse the heat at a fast rate. To drive the pump motor sine wave is used, offers electrical noise by creating a faint vibration.

That’s why the cooler produces not more than 35 dbA of noise. To talk about compatibility, you can adjust the CPU cooler to almost all Intel and AMD CPUs. The standard cooler is a very durable, cooling champion and a great value product for its users.


  • Best 360mm AIO in terms of pricing.
  • Unique build-quality for better cooling performance.
  • Low noise cooling.
  • 2 years warranty available.


  • RBG lights are limited.

Cooler Master ML360P Silver Edition

Key Features

  • Three 120mm RGB Fan
  • 360mm Aluminum Radiator
  • Dual Chamber Pump
  • Min 650 and Max 1800 RPM (PWM) ± 10% Fan speed
  • 45 CFM ± 10% (Max) Fan Airflow
  • 1.58 mmH2O ± 10% Fan Air Pressure
  • 8-30 dbA Fan noise level
  • RGB lighting solution
  • 160000 of Fan MTTF
  • 4-PWM Fan Power Connector
  • 12VDC Fan Rated Voltage
  • 0.32 A Fan rated current
  • <15 dbA Pump noise level
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360P Silver Edition AIO Cooler

Detailed Features

Looking for a cooler that offers decent performance and has a luxurious design? The MASTERLIQUID ML360P will be a smart option for you. It arrives with 3, 120 mm fan along with a radiator with an aluminum silver coating, which ensures maximum heat dissipation from the CPU and cool with high competence.

To enhance performance and give it a sturdier structure, the manufacturer added a dual-chamber pump in the replacement of the single-chamber design, offers a higher flow rate, and improves heat transfer efficiency.

For providing an elegant look to the cooler, addressable RGB LEDs are integrated into both in the fan and pump, allow you to enjoy the charming view while using the processor. On the plus side, you can control the RGB lights by a suitable software named Cooler Master software master plus+.

That’s you won’t feel any pain in maintaining the RBG LEDs. The cooler can run at a faster speed, which is a maximum of 1800 RPM. The pace can remove a considerable amount of heat with ease. That’s why you can make worry-free usage all the time.

It also offers a fan airflow of 45 CFM, which is quite low but enough for adequate cooling performance. You will get 1.58 mmH2O static pressure. The cooler produces a maximum of 30 dbA while running at the peak. Do you ever think to hear that sound? Even pump noise is less than 15 dbA.

It supports all kinds of Intel and AMD socket. To avoid the complicated installation process, it comes with easy cable management. You only have to pair 2 wires to complete the installation task. The cooler’s price is slightly high, but it will be a bang for the buck for the price.


  • Excellent design with a silver color scheme.
  • Better cooling performance.
  • RBG LED lighting effect for the glossy look.
  • Less wire connection for easy installation.
  • 5 years of warranty included.


  • Comparatively high in price.
  • Software controlling system may better.

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